Despite a Deluge of Negativity, Trump Is Still Popular

If you watch cable news or read virtually any newspaper in the world, the only conclusion you can reach is that America has gone crazy.  The most powerful country in the world, Ronald Reagan's "shining city upon a hill," has lost her collective mind, electing a madman as her president.

The onslaught is nonstop and unrelenting.  Media coverage of President Trump is over 90 percent negative.  There is virtually zero acknowledgment of his accomplishments, from a booming economy to record low unemployment rates, especially for minority groups.  ISIS has been decimated, and trade deals are being renegotiated for the benefit of American workers, as opposed to the Chamber of Commerce and the donor class.

It's not just CNN or the New York Times, but instead a global phenomenon.  A quick scan of international news headlines reveals nothing positive about President Trump.  The Daily Mail runs a piece about the latest bimbo, to borrow a term popularized the Clintons, claiming an affair with Donald Trump several decades ago.  Down under, the New Zealand Herald leads its international news section with this: "Little hands: What's in James Comey's book about Donald Trump," along a story about the villain du jour, Trump attorney Michael Cohen.

A visitor to Planet Earth would quickly leave, fearing an outbreak of mass insanity based on who the planet chose as the leader of the free world.  Those of us who call this planet home begin to question our own sanity with the relentless gaslighting from the media of how terrible Trump and his presidency are.  As a Trump-supporter, at times I question my own sanity, asking myself what I am missing here.

Fortunately, there are a few oases of clarity on talk radio and a handful of websites and blogs.  Without these anchors of reality, the media charade would become reality, with even the most ardent Trump-supporters becoming Winston Smith in 1984, finally acknowledging that two plus two equals five.

One of my anchors is the Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll.  Rasmussen was the most accurate poll in the 2016 presidential election, unlike the cattle herd polls predicting a Clinton landslide until about 9 P.M. on election night.

On April 16, 2018, Rasmussen shows President Trump with a 51-percent total approve and a 48-percent total disapprove number.  A small edge, but still the majority of polled Americans, and likely voters, approve of the president and the job he is doing.  These are impressive numbers in spite of the singular focus of the American left, and even many Republicans, to destroy President Trump.

Fifty-one percent is his highest approval number in months, not breaking the 50 percent barrier since early in his presidency.  And this number is on the heels of Michael Cohen's office being raided by the FBI, with rampant speculation over what Cohen is hiding about Trump.  Then there is the so-called Boy Scout and former FBI director's book tour, revealing him to be nothing but a narcissistic mean girl – but nevertheless leading the news headlines for the past week over his disclosures about Trump's hands and hair.

Speaking of Cardinal Comey, as FBI agents often referred to him, another Rasmussen poll found that 46 percent of Americans "now want to see him prosecuted for leaking to the media."  I hope Sleepy Jeff Sessions is awake and paying attention.  Don't expect to hear that on MSNBC, though.

How was the great Barack Hussein O, the epitome of class and grace, with the sharp crease in his slacks, greatest president of our time, or perhaps all time, viewed by likely voters at a similar point in his presidency?  Rasmussen again provides the answer, as it had a similar tracking poll during the Obama administration.

April 16, 2010, exactly eight years ago, 47 percent total approve, 52 percent total disapprove.  Four percent more voters approve of Trump than Obama.  Anyone see this reported on the evening news?  I haven't.

Even with media fawning and adoration, Obama was below 50 percent 15 months into his "radical transformation of America."

We hear about the upcoming blue wave.  Democrats are assumed to have already won the midterms, capturing the House and Senate.  Trump's impeachment and removal from office are a foregone conclusion, the first order of business under the new Pelosi-Schumer Congress in January of next year.

Rasmussen is tracking the generic congressional ballot, too.  Democrats hold only a 5-percent lead, narrowing since the beginning of the year.  Real Clear Politics aggregates a number of polls, showing Democrats with anywhere from a 3- to a 10-percent advantage.  But that's today, and the election is almost seven months away.

Congressional campaigns have not yet begun.  Speaker Paul Ryan's departure is another factor.  Republican voter enthusiasm is low due Congress's inability to accomplish anything substantive, despite being in the majority.  Much of their failure is deservedly blamed on their leader, Paul Ryan.  New blood in the speaker's chair versus "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" will affect Republican voter turnout and electoral results in November.  Don't expect CNN to be discussing this, either.

Knowing that the midterms could be a referendum on Trump impeachment, expect his supporters to turn out, even if they have to hold their nose voting for a squishy Republican candidate.

The media drumbeat will continue.  Comey's book tour will be lauded instead of being treated as reality TV, the FBI version of The Bachelor or Keeping Up with the Comeys.  Mueller and Russia will be discussed on every newscast, breathlessly waiting for the next indictment.  Michael Cohen's legal practice will be on full display to the world, as per the ruling by Clinton pal and Deep Stater Judge Kimba Wood, who, by the way, officiated George Soros's latest marriage.

Try as they might, the Deep State, both on the left and right, have not been able to derail the Trump train.  The president is upbeat and confident in the face of a tsunami of criticism and hatred that would make most of us want to crawl into a hole and disappear.  His agenda marches on, despite resistance from all quarters in Washington, D.C., including from his own party.

Investigations by the DOJ-OIG are marching along, promising fireworks and booms in the coming months.  And most importantly, the president has the support of a majority of Americans, deplorables in flyover country who are able to see through or around the constant bashing and negativity.

Brian C Joondeph, M.D., MPS is a Denver-based physician and writer.  Follow him on FacebookLinkedIn, and Twitter.

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