Democrats: The Party of the Super-Duper (Mostly White) Gazillionaires

Though there are numerous questions I could ask to determine if a fellow American gets his "news" from the DMIC (Democrat Media Industrial Complex), I usually lead with this one: "What political party is the party of the wealthy?" If the answer is "the Republican Party," I know that the individual is a regular consumer of DMIC propaganda.  It's tempting to get angered at the individual, but I know that two of the ways the DMIC lies are by distorting and withholding. The Democratic Party is the party of the mega-, mega-wealthy.  This is one of the dangerous cover-ups of the DMIC.  Let's go to the tale of the tape. Here are the top ten American billionaires, according to Forbes: Bill Gates, $86 billion Warren Buffet, $75.6 Jeff Bezos, $72.8 Mark Zuckerberg, $56.0 Larry Ellison, $52.2 Charles Koch, $48.3 David Koch, $48.3 Michael Bloomberg, $47.5 Larry Page, $40.7 Sergey Brin,...(Read Full Article)