WaPo uses calculator to excuse Palestinian terrorists

Washington Post “fact checker” Glenn Kessler, in “Netanyahu goes too far in claims of Palestinian authority payments to terrorists” (3/18/18), claims that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exaggerated how much the Palestinian Authority is paying terrorists. To most in a sane world, $1.00 would be too much, but to Kessler -- he prefers to split hairs – distracting from the reality of the issue by misdirection.

No more evidence is needed than seeing his attack on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by sort of disproving the exact amount that the Palestinian leadership pays its terrorists – yes terrorists - and/or the families of terrorists who attack Israelis. Reading the “fact checker” article, it isn’t even clear that Kessler proved his albeit lame point. Would Kessler blame a rape victim who claimed to scream for an hour rather than 45 minutes? 

The main question that should be asked of Kessler is, why would anyone go through such a painstaking analysis to disparage the side of the victims -- to defend terrorists (which is what this article does in effect if not intent)? This “yes but” article is a defense of Palestinian terrorists which is so difficult to do that it required 2/3 of the page to solve a simple math problem! The length of the article was necessary for the Post because the obvious point -- that the Palestinians pay their suicide bombers -- blows a hole in the Post's entire case against Israel – that the Palestinians are driven to this out of some emotion -- say, despair -- or whatever the Post uses as an excuse for them. 

Palestinian professor Bassam Banat, as the article states, reviewed the cases of 200 Palestinian suicide bombers that killed 1,676 Israelis and “found that a majority (71.5 percent) of the families of Palestinian suicide bombers” support the bombings -- the murder of Israelis! That is where the article should focus. Further, the article points out that “Israeli government officials point to interrogations that they say shows that the payments are considered an inducement” to commit terror. Palestinians are given promotions as did Ali Ja’ara “after he blew himself up in a 2004 suicide attack that killed 11 people and wounded dozens,” according to the Post article.

Does Kessler truly believes that the story that needs to be told is about the amount the terrorists or their families get paid, rather than that they are terrorists at all? 

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