The Left and the Gun Control Marches

Adult Democrats, Hillary voters and people who call themselves liberals, progressives, and socialists made up the bulk of the anti-gun marches.

These groups were already on board with the losing candidates plan to tear up the Constitution, violate the civil rights of and confiscate the self-defense arms of American citizens who have prevented death and injury to themselves over two million times last year.

That the America-hating radical component is well-embedded within the March for our Lives movement can be seen in this photo -- as one of the stars of the event, Emma Gonzales breathlessly featured by the mainstream media two hundred times a day, is wearing not an American flag on her sleeve, but rather, the flag of communist Cuba. You've also seen Black Lives Matter at these rallies and the terrorist-enabling Palestinians leading the #womensmarch.

Now, why would a terrorist enabler Jihadi want to disarm Americans?

Manufactured Outrage

Not surprisingly, the Michael Bloomberg-backed radicals and Muslim terrorist-enablers of #womensmarches are at the forefront of March for Our Lives events, as disclosed by their filings. Less surprising is that the head of #womansmarch, Deena Katz, a producer of Dancing with the Stars and the Bill Maher show, is listed as the president of March for Our Lives Fund. She also is listed as the permit applicant for the Washington, D.C. March.

That the entire political left has made common cause with Jihadis to disarm free Americans who had nothing to do with the deaths of innocents and who would resist them, should be no surprise either.

While the National Rifle Association is a transparent organization with open filings and an agenda known to the general public, the groups who have indoctrinated and coached children to act out in anti-gun marches are hidden behind veils, hidden filings, organizations, and names of persons who are either not heard of at the marches, or are unknown to the general public.

What we do know is that a number of Hollywood stars heavily involved in left-wing causes are funding and participating in these marches, along with the aforementioned billionaires. The appearance of Everytown for Gun Safety, formed out of two earlier gun-control organizations funded by Michael Bloomberg and George Soros, Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action, is interesting. The latter arranged the Million Moms March against guns in 2000whcih also took place on the Mall in D.C. What we have here folks, are the Usual Suspects who lost the election of 2016 and will do anything unethical and immoral to make themselves whole. And they are wholly backed by the mainstream media.

Manufactured Revolution

The far left and Socialist International that has infiltrated these anti-American groups (in the past they were directed right out of Moscow) write the scripts. The children have been well-prepared and prompted, knowing an entire nation will be listening. Hillary fans and Trump haters have taught these impressionable kids to act out and emote publicly, the deliver their speeches with great effectiveness.

One can posit in retrospect the psychological reality: witnessing the sad sight of adults taking direction from children as the first had never grown up.

The march against gun violence message seems "right," just, convincing, and conclusive. One can hardly argue with it, even if the message is emphasized by Tim Kane, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Micheal Moore, and Hillary Clinton. That should be alarming. That the polls right after the march showed 53% in support for more gun control against 40% supporting the right to possess weapons, should be alarming. That the entire narrative is driven not by school shootings, or gun violence, but an opportunity to address the Democrat's massive loss of 1100 legislative seats nationwide, 13 governorships, the loss of the House, the Senate, the Courts and then the Presidency, should be obvious to the most partisan left-winger.

No one bothered to mention the cowardice and culpability of police and school administrations, as well as the role of the Obama administration in the deaths of 17 students -- and the fact that no NRA member was complicit in it -- not even remotely.

We Have Seen This Play Before

After every shooting, the opportunity arises to use the First Amendment to chip away at the Second Amendment with promises that new laws will not to infringe on American's right to self-defense -- and then hammer the final nail into the human rights of self-and-family defense. 

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