The Democrats as Russian Dupes, 2018 Edition

No wonder the Russian meddlers are laughing – the Dems are wittingly colluding in sowing discord through sleazy identity politics and by fostering extreme multiculturalism.  Lacking substantive policy ideas, their main hope for electoral success is to divide and conquer.  Russia is a major geopolitical adversary, which makes the Democrats the enemy within.

The thread that binds our great tapestry of cultures was woven by our founding fathers "in order to form a more perfect union."  Their system of checks and balances ensures that rationality and compromise establish a balance between our contradictory instincts of cooperation and competition.  Their emphasis upon individual liberty – rather than the organic state – helped ensure that a thriving civil society based on shared values would emerge from the nasty and brutish conditions of a state of nature.

Our union was an improvement, but it started imperfectly; nevertheless, we've always been guided by our nation's motto.  Though there have been several iterations of the Great Seal of the United States, the one constant is the inscription "E Pluribus Unum."  Historically, legal immigrants embraced this ideal and eventually assimilated into America, particularly those processed through Ellis Island.  While proud of their heritage, they were grateful for the bountiful opportunities America bequeaths to those who relish the promise of America and who cherish the ways of the last great hope of Earth.  This makes it even more galling that Democrats endeavor to unravel our legal fabric by flouting federal immigration laws.  They are the enemy within who prioritize illegal aliens over American citizens.

Democrats are also inflaming social disharmony by pursuing identity politics, to the undoubted amusement of Russian trolls.  This tends to be self-perpetuating, for if a constituency is rewarded for being a distinct group, there is little motivation to assimilate.  It is a zero-sum proposition that corrodes the "common good" that underpins a vibrant body politic.  By fostering dependence on government, and divvying up handouts based on ethnicity, the Democrats are making a mockery of JFK's inaugural address exhortation: "... ask what your country can do for you."

No wonder liberals are not enamored of Western civilization, as this extremely divisive multiculturalism is anathema to the profound teachings of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Enlightenment philosophers like John Locke.  They emphasized a shared set of norms, with social strata acting in concert toward the common good of the republic.  Locke, in particular, provided the philosophical underpinning by which civil society emerges from the "might makes right" chaos of nature.

Perhaps Trump was observant when describing the Democrats' reactions at his SOTU address as treasonous.  Not chanting "USA, USA," but cheering when the stock market's "Trump Bump" temporarily turns into a "Trump Slump" is preposterous, though I'm sure Vladimir delights in their perfidious propaganda.  Let's face it: most Republicans were against Obama because his polices, as proven, were bad for America; however, Democrats are against Trump out of fear that his polices are generally good for America (pending the extent and outcome of his trade tariffs).  In essence, what's good for America is bad for Democrats.  They are the enemy within who deride America's founding principles and ideals.

Meanwhile, the Russians are doing a Cossack Dance and savoring our discord.  Their army of trolls spent a pittance, especially in the "blue wall" states, compared to the billions spent by the presidential campaigns.  Notably, most of their efforts to undermine confidence in American democracy came after the election (56 percent of Facebook ad impressions) and dovetailed with the Democrats' resistance.  For example, Russian operatives organized the "Trump is not my president" rally, which had the biggest attendance, as Democrats participated wholeheartedly.

The Russian intruders must be thrilled with their puppet, Nancy Pelosi.  Given the extent of her collaboration, perhaps we should assign her a Russian-style last name like Popov; after all, Nancy has been popping off a lot lately.  Debilitated by her liberal disease, she even proselytizes that tax cuts are unpatriotic.  Nancy Popov is like a political commissar shrieking that Trump's DACA proposal is subterfuge to make America white again.  The Russian trolls couldn't have scripted this insidious racism any better, as it implies she's trying to make America browner.  Certainly, she has the bona fides, having once arranged a photo on the Capitol steps (and then doctored it) to commemorate white men no longer representing a majority of the Democrat caucus.

After popping off about white guys trying to negotiate an immigration deal, she bizarrely claimed that DREAMers – otherwise known as young illegal aliens who commit disproportionately more crime – make America more American.  That just defies logic, since America flourishes when the rule of law is observed, not when illegals are aided and abetted.  Clearly, Nancy Popov's unwavering determination to institutionalize identity politics aligns with Russia's exploitation of our social divisions.  They must be laughing their rears off in Moscow…and in the troll farm in St. Petersburg.

I'm sure the Russian operatives would like nothing more than to subvert the sanctity of our cherished "one citizen, one vote" principle.  Once again, Democrats are their allies: the Russian bots have infiltrated the Democrats' collective consciousness in Nancy's home state of California, where they plan to automatically register driver's license recipients to vote, making voter fraud by illegals more likely.  Disconcertingly, there are no penalties for ineligible voters who do vote.  Chicago is just as bad with its new municipal ID cards for illegal aliens (they deviously call them "undocumented immigrants") being valid to register to vote.  This will likely bolster the ranks of the enemy within.

Perhaps offended by our exceptional nature, Putin believes that our society is imperfect and vulnerable to internal strife rooted in divisive social issues.  That's why his troll farms are leveraging social media to provoke extreme multiculturalism that rips asunder our social bonds.  Whereas recent European leaders sounded a requiem for multiculturalism, Pelosi and her colleagues are onboard with Vlad: they are determined to turn our nation's motto upside-down.  "Out of one, many" seems to be their imperative.

To buttress a government framework that ultimately depends upon basic shared principles founded upon a universal understanding of the common good – for citizens – it would certainly be better if Nancy Layov.

Image: Renate Dodell via Flickr.

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