The Courts against Proposition 65

A federal judge has frozen plans to require all products containing the widely popular herbicide glyphosate to display a Proposition 65 warning in a landmark ruling that could signal the turning of the tide for California's nanny-state regulations.  The decision by Federal District Judge William Shubb represents a significant blow to both to the much maligned Proposition 65 and the organization that accounts for so many of its listings, the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). Shubb's ruling is a major victory for states' rights – due to the size of California's economy, its overregulation spills over into other jurisdictions – and for farmers' groups around the country who had pushed back against California's imposition of these costly and misleading warnings.  Shubb has struck another nail in the coffin of Proposition 65, a law so universally detested that even the leftist...(Read Full Article)