Should Voters Be Required to Understand English?

After the Civil War, four million people of African-American descent became free residents of the U.S.  Since they were born in the U.S., they were citizens and were allowed to vote in local, state, and federal elections.

But those who had owned slaves did not want former slaves to rise up against them and become members of Congress and officials in statehouses.  And since slaves had been systematically denied the opportunity to read and write, they were given improper, unconstitutional tests at the polling place.  For example, they may have been required to recite, word for word, the Gettysburg Address.  And oftentimes, white voters did not have to pass the tests that were given to blacks.

This practice persisted, unchallenged, for one hundred years, until the Voting Rights Act of 1965 abolished what the act called "tests and devices" for denying people the right to vote, since these tests and devices were almost always based on racial distinctions.  Southern states simply did not want blacks to vote.

The 1965 Voting Rights Act authorized Congress to establish rules for enforcing the act.  Specifically, a set of rules and guidelines were established that allowed the federal government to step in and find those states and counties in the U.S. that had established "tests and devices" such as literacy tests and other gimmicks.  At the time, all of these procedural roadblocks were based on race.

The Voting Rights Act of 1965 was renewed several times.  By 2013, however, studies by the Census Bureau and other agencies had determined that black voters had achieved equality in the polling place to whites: equal proportions of both were now registered as voters.  So the purpose of the Voting Rights Act – to end racial discrimination through the gimmicks of "tests and devices" – had been achieved, and in 2013, it was discontinued.  A Supreme Court ruling determined that the act was no long needed.

But now times have changed, and those cities that call themselves sanctuaries for illegal immigration are engaged in a new vote fraud scheme: to enable "noncitizens" to vote.  It's a combination of two things: cheating immigration rules and cheating citizenship rules in order to establish new methods of vote fraud.  This strategy is the polar opposite of the post-Civil War strategy: the methods of vote suppression have now become methods of vote enabling.  Persons who are not citizens are now being allowed and fraudulently authorized to go to polling places and vote, violating all federal election laws.  Here's how it came about.

After losing the 2016 presidential election, Democrats were more determined than ever to regain the electoral strength rooted in their big metropolitan areas.  They made their big metropolitan areas into sanctuaries for one reason: all the big cities have been controlled by the Democratic National Machine, and all have been losing population since 1950.  In order to restore the numbers of voters they need to win state and national elections, they needed more people.

Whether those people are legal voters or not doesn't matter.  Chicago, long famous as the vote fraud capital of the United States, has developed new ways for noncitizens to vote.  While in the past they practiced such methods as having dead people vote from cemeteries multiple times and having people use taverns and vacant lots as addresses, their new method of stuffing the ballot box in their favor is to enable noncitizens to vote.  In fact, Barack Obama started his political career by teaching ACORN seminars to communities on how to register people to vote.

In the past fifteen years, sanctuary states have engaged in a strategy of allowing noncitizen suffrage by inventing or allowing new forms of voter identification.  They invented new IDs and, since they run the polling places, told the polling places to accept the new forms of IDs.  The first major one was the "matricula consular" card, use of which rapidly spread throughout the U.S. in 2002.  In fact, Cook County, where Chicago is located, officially stated that it would accept the matricula consular as a valid form of ID – and "valid" in Democrat Machine terms means "vote enabling."

Matricula consular cards are issued by foreign embassies located in the big cities to persons from their countries for use while they are in the U.S.  These are not citizenship validation cards; they have nothing to do with U.S. citizenship.  But since Cook County vouched for them and declared them valid, they can be used for voting in elections.

Recently, Chicago went a step farther and issued a new ID called the "CityKey."  It was applauded as a way for residents to expand their access to the city.  But behind closed doors, the city circulated a letter to city aldermen stating that the ID can be used to vote.  Since the CityKey has no foundation in INS Naturalization procedures, it is completely fraudulent and illegal.  This is not the first "test and device" Illinois has invented to enable illegal immigrant noncitizen to vote.  A few years ago, Illinois created the temporary driver's license program, designed to enable illegal aliens to vote.  This was also done in over 30 other states.  And since the Democratic-run sanctuary states are the most populous states, this scheme has the scope to enable them to win national elections.

The federal agency U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services states that someone who wants to become a naturalized citizen must "be over 18 yrs of age[;] have resided in the U.S. as a permanent green card resident for at least five years"; and be able to "read, write, and speak English."

One may then reasonably ask why polling places are now required to have voting instructions and ballots in many foreign languages.  If it's a necessary requirement of naturalized citizenship to be able to read, write, and speak English, then why are Democratic-run sanctuary states bypassing this requirement and printing voter registration forms and ballots in foreign languages?  After all, naturalized citizens must be able to speak, read, and write English, and no foreign-born person can vote unless he takes the time to apply for naturalization.

In order to combat and delegitimize these fake IDs that Chicago and other big cities are using to promote noncitizen voting, the nation may have to restore the literacy test to the polling place.  Since all naturalized citizens must be able to speak, read, and write English, it follows that any foreign-born person who can vote in national elections must be able to speak English.

The Democratic Party, which once used a plethora of "tests and devices" in order to prevent blacks from voting, is now using a new set of "tests and devices" including IDs and foreign language ballots and voter registration forms to enable noncitizen suffrage.  This is illegal and unconstitutional.  I am writing a federal lawsuit to sue Chicago for these noncitizen suffrage-enabling actions.