Riders on the Storm(y)

"Riders on the Storm" was a hit for The Doors in 1970, a psychedelic rock ballad from the drug-addled Jim Morrison.  A portion of the lyrics goes, "Like a dog without a bone, an actor out alone."  Flash forward almost 50 years, and consider a remake of the iconic song.

Several days ago, CBS correspondent Anderson Cooper was riding his own storm, one by the name of Stormy Daniels, a porn star who alleged a one-night fling with then-private citizen Donald Trump.  Although he was married at the time with a young child, he was a decade-plus away from the White House.

Will Mr. Cooper ride this storm to an Emmy, or is he a dog without a bone, one of the liberal actors out alone trying to bring down the sitting president?

Trump denies the accusation, as does Ms. Daniels – three times actually.  But that didn't stop CBS from giving her close to a half-hour on 60 Minutes to tell her story, or at least the latest iteration of her story.

Anderson Cooper rode the storm like a champ.  He asked Ms. Daniels questions never asked of any of Bill Clinton's women.  "Did he use a condom?"  The discussion even ventured into speculation about Donald Trump's private parts.  The only surprise was that Mr. Cooper didn't cut to Marco Rubio for his opinion on Mr. Trump's manhood, as Rubio seemed authoritative on this subject during the Republican primaries.

Was the 60 Minutes interview thoughtful journalism, discussing interesting political issues of the day?  Or was it just about ratings?  If the latter, it sure worked, as 60 Minutes drew its highest ratings in ten years.

Aside from ratings, the other motivation for CBS to air such an interview is to embarrass the president of the United States.  Did 60 Minutes ever do a segment to embarrass Barack Obama over his dodgy birth certificate, or his photo with Louis Farrakhan, or his association with Reverend Jeremiah Wright?

How many of the women raped or harassed by Bill Clinton were featured for a half-hour on 60 Minutes?  Juanita Broaddrick said Anderson Cooper, CNN, and 60 Minutes have never interviewed her.  Why not?

Aside from trying to embarrass the president, CBS is making a concerted effort to peel away Trump-supporters from Trump.  Fellow network NBC tried to do the same before the election with the Access Hollywood tapes, but without much success, as Trump still won the election.

What big media don't seem to understand is that Donald Trump wasn't elected for his virtue or morality.  Trump is a player, not a priest.  He has had three wives, all beautiful women.  As a popular TV host for years, he traveled in the same circles as Matt Lauer and Charlie Rose.  The difference is that Trump's alleged dalliances have been consensual, unlike those of Bill Clinton.

Speaking of Bill Clinton, remember how the media chastised the public for criticizing his behavior?  It was a private matter, we were told.  It was just about sex, and it didn't affect his ability to serve as president.  As for the accusers, Matt Lauer allowed the enabler and enforcer wife, Hillary Clinton, to whine about vast right-wing conspiracies while at the same time attempting to destroy her husband's accusers via her bimbo eruption team.

James Carville's famous "drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you'll find" was considered clever when said about Paula Jones or Kathleen Willey.  Could the same be said about Stormy Daniels?

Go back a few more presidents to JFK, noted womanizer, way beyond the exploits of Clinton and Trump combined.  He favored real actresses rather than porn stars, and women were plentiful in President Kennedy's White House.  Would 60 Minutes, if it existed at the time, have interviewed Marilyn Monroe and asked whether JFK used a condom?

Don't forget brother Teddy, of Chappaquiddick fame, who with fellow senator Chris Dodd sexually assaulted a waitress in the "waitress sandwich" incident.  Did that waitress ever appear on 60 Minutes?

Other randy past presidents too.  From FDR to LBJ, affairs and illegitimate children, dutifully kept under wraps by the media.

Trump was elected for his policies and promises, not his virtue.  Building the wall, draining the swamp, fixing lousy trade deals, and remembering the forgotten American worker are what gave Mr. Trump the winning votes.  Voters knew his history, as he has been in the public eye for decades.  That didn't matter, as the only thing at stake was stopping Hillary Clinton from giving America a third term of Obama.

Morality and virtue are important in choosing a friend or a spouse.  Less so for a commander in chief, where competence reigns supreme.  It's great to have both but not absolutely necessary, else the White House would be the empty house.

If morality is the big issue, we could have Jimmy Carter, who was considered a virtuous man.  His presidency was a disaster, an exercise in incompetence despite his Mr. Rogers public persona.

Morality in one sphere can even cover shortcomings in other areas.  Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. was and is considered a paragon of morality for his civil rights work despite his serial adultery.

CBS and other media outlets can continue to hammer away at Donald Trump, but their harping is falling on deaf ears.  Democrats and NeverTrump Republicans will hate President Trump even if he cures cancer and brings about world peace.

His supporters will tune out the noise and focus on what Trump is doing.  If a portion of the $700 billion in defense spending goes to the Army Corps of Engineers to build a border wall for national defense or if North Korea give up its nukes, the Stormy storm will peter out.  If the OIG report results in indictments, prosecutions, and accountability for the last administration's lawlessness, the Stormy storm will turn into sunshine.

The reality is that the media is "a dog without a bone."  Anderson Cooper, Jake Tapper, Jim Acosta, and the rest of the left-wing journalists are "actors out alone" – as are the NeverTrumps and entire Democratic Party.  Riders on the Stormy Daniels storm to nowhere.

Brian C. Joondeph, M.D., MPS is a Denver-based physician and writer.  Follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

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