Patriotism and the Three Scoundrels

The three biggest scoundrels of the swamp – Comey, Clapper, and Brennan – have been fired, which is a good start.  And yes, it has to be said that there are good and decent, even patriotic people in the swamp, probably the majority, and that eventually, when the top layers get scraped off, we can look forward to more honest government.  But even then, as Jefferson said, we have to keep a careful eye on people who have power without responsibility.

And now the scoundrels are showing their true colors.  Now they are openly political again, without the mumbo-jumbo of the D.C. front.

So let's examine the latest scream of defiance from John Brennan – because that might show who he really is.  We know, from his own confession, that he voted for the Communist Party of the USA earlier in life, and no congressman has so far dared to ask him the relevant question: "Are you still a communist?"

If he gave an honest answer (not likely), he might tell us why he, of all people, was picked by Bill and Hillary for the most powerful and confidential post in the world: the director of the CIA. 

Well, don't expect a confession – not yet.  This is what we hear from corruptocrat Brennan to POTUS, his former boss and the commander in chief, Donald Trump. 

When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America...America will triumph over you.

As the left just loves to tell us, "patriotism is the last resort of a scoundrel." 

But of course, it is Brennan and the other two stooges who are the scoundrels, who are exposed (thanks to the Strzok-Page love duet on Twitter), who are the subversive, un-American, anti-American saboteurs against our duly elected POTUS. 

So I find it interesting that Comey, Clapper, and Brennan are suddenly waving the bloody flag.  They have unanimously started to sound patriotic, and cursing POTUS Trump as "a venal, immoral, corrupt demogogue" who is scapegoating "Andy McCabe."  Mr. Brennan is now a flag-waving patriot, and "you [POTUS] will not destroy America ... America will triumph over you." 

My word, Martha, that sounds like Senator Joe again!

Mr. Brennan is giving his mad gorilla rage.  But he is doing it in the language of patriotism, a language the left has long hated and tried to erase from America.  Brennan is a former communist, after all, and they  hated  patriotism with a bloody passion and celebrated "internationalism," which is now called "globalism."  From their  point of view, they are winning, and it is true that Americans have been suckered into voting for radical leftists of the worst kind: Bill and Hillary, Barack and Michelle. 

Clapper and Comey are imitating the rhetoric that used to be popular after the Civil War, when patriotic rhetoric flourished, in part to heal the bleeding wounds of a war in which 600,000 Americans died.  After 1900, Teddy Roosevelt might still give a high patriotic rant, but then it kind of faded. 

Now we know that the left doesn't talk that way in private.  They think patriotism is a bad joke, a sucker play for the people they despise, "with their God and their guns," as Hillary does, and Bill, and Kerry, and Obama and Michelle.  "You didn't build that!" is the favorite Obama slogan against hardworking white America, apparently from those twenty years the Obamas spent at the feet of Jerry Wright, the hate-everything race-ranter. 

These  people do not talk patriotism in private. 

But here they are, waving the flag after they have been fired for cause by POTUS Trump.  What's going on?

Here is a clue.  Obama's speechwriters have not been taking a vacation.  They are pumping out Obama talking points again, and chances are that they get to visit the Obamas and Valerie Jarrett at their place in D.C. 

Because, gotta remember, Obama never, never gives up his lifelong thirst for power. 

So John Favreau, head of O's speechwriting team, has started a media company called "Crooked Media."  It's amazing what these people come up with when they start freely associating, because "crooked media" is a pretty good name for the fake media that are now dominating the American mind, thanks to the most concentrated media ownership in American history. 

In the 1980s, there were almost a hundred newspaper and station owners in the United States.  Today, after historically unprecedented buyouts and consolidations, we have about half a dozen trans-national corporations, people who have no loyalty to the United States.  None at all. 

So Obama or Michelle can just get on the phone to Agitprop Central and talk about the left propaganda line those companies are supposed to take next. 

We know from the JournoList exposé (thanks to Tucker Carlson) that the left really sings from the same hymnal every day, just like the old Stalin days, with coordination among all the Biggies (NYT, WaPo, alphabets), plus – and this is important – the U.K. Guardian, the very Office for the Propagation of the Faith in the U.K.  

We are told that speechwriter John Favreau is Obama's alter ego. 

"Barack trusts him[.] ... And Barack doesn't trust too many folks with that – the notion of surrendering that much authority over his own words."  In Obama's own words, Favreau is his "mind reader." ... During the campaigns, Obama was obsessed with election tracking polls, jokingly referring to them as his "daily crack."

Turns out that their corporation, "Crooked Media" sends out a podcast, wittily called "Pod Save America" (get it? funny, no?).

What these arrogant ignoramuses are doing is ridiculing the old patriotic speeches of post-Civil War America, when the nation, with its bleeding wounds, needed the language of unity. 

Why?  Because these power-hungry plotters believe that you, conservatives, normal Americans, with your "God and your guns," are going to fall for their scam.  

Some people will.  But we hope more people will exercise good judgment and realize that we are seeing a "back to power" campaign by the Obamas, who are plotting every day to seize the top again, maybe with the help of their plants in the U.S. government. 

Don't put it past them.