Leftism and Degeneracy: A Beautiful Thing

Please forgive me for using this crude but appropriate saying: "Don't urinate on my head and tell me it is raining."  Leftists urinate lies, deceit, perversion, immorality, and sin on our heads while telling us it's the golden nectar of beauty, love, and compassion.  In a nutshell, leftists are using government to make the weird and freaky mainstream while trampling traditional principles and values underfoot – declaring them hateful, intolerant, and laughable.

For example: Everyday people think a movie in which an amphibian injects its sperm into a human is gross.  And yet Hollywood deems it a beautiful love story, awarding The Shape of Water Best Picture of the Year.  We commoners are too unsophisticated to appreciate the beauty of a woman copulating with a fish.

Back in 2015, Tom DeLay exposed an Obama DOJ memo spelling out 12 perversions it wanted to legalize, including pedophilia and bestiality.  So don't call me crazy for saying the movie The Shape of Water is the leftists' step one in warming people up to legalizing bestiality.

When five out of nine SCOTUS justices basically said screw the Constitution to incorporate a redefinition of marriage into the law of the land, here is what Justice Thomas said in rebuke: "Our Constitution – like the Declaration of Independence before it – was predicated on a simple truth: One's liberty, not to mention one's dignity, was something to be shielded from – not provided by – the State.  Today's decision casts that truth aside."

Meanwhile, Obama lit up the White House in rainbow colors and tweeted #Love Wins!  Leftists celebrated the unconstitutional ruling, calling it a beautiful thing.  We dare not mention the unnaturalness of using an exit as an entrance.  It's a beautiful thing.

I was rebuked for posting photos from gay pride parades in my column.  We're told their lifestyle is beautiful, the new normal.  So why not show pictures of the beautiful things going on at gay pride parades – naked men performing mock sodomy in the streets, people in giant penis and vagina costumes, men and women dressed in BDSM nun outfits?

If homosexuals want to be thought of as normal, why not dress like the mainstream in their parades, rather than outfits promoting extreme deviancy and blasphemy?  Google "gay pride parade" [if you dare –ed.].

Ponder this, folks.  If a guy tells his wife of 30 years he is leaving her for a woman half her age, leftists brand him a sexist jerk.  If that same guy told his wife he is leaving her to "become" a woman and "have sex" with men, leftists would call it a beautiful thing, embracing his true nature.  Leftists would tell his devastated wife and children to support the wondrous removal of their patriarch's penis – a beautiful thing.

At the Women's March rally in D.C., thousands proudly wore "pussy hats." 

Leftist female speakers passionately dropped numerous F-bombs, called for violence against President Trump, and spoke of menstrual blood in gross graphic detail.  Leftist fake news media called the rally a beautiful thing.

The left's illegal sanctuary cities like San Francisco call themselves compassionate havens for angelic illegals – a beautiful thing.  The reality is that rejecting federal immigration law is destroying California.  In San Francisco, a map was created to help people avoid mounds of feces left by the homeless.  Sanctuary cites turn a blind eye to gangs of illegals terrorizing U.S. citizens by means of murders, rape, and robberies.  The San Francisco Bay area is experiencing a massive exodus due to crime, skyrocketing taxes, insanely high housing costs, and welfare benefits for illegals.  California is the poorest state in the USA.  Still, leftists tell us sanctuary cities are saintly, beautiful things.

Leftists demand that we stop saying, "Merry Christmas," teachers must stop addressing students as "boys and girls," and stop saying you're proud to be an American – all in the name of inclusion, a beautiful thing.  Most recently, leftists forbade us saying, "God bless you," claiming that it is insensitive and intolerant

I disagreed with a well intentioned minister on TV who said Christians should not respond angrily, saying we will not buy your coffee if you don't say, "Merry Christmas."  Leftist businesses are cramming their anti-God agenda down our throats.  What is wrong with us expressing our disapproval with our dollars?

Righteous anger is an act of love.  Jesus expressed anger at evil.

Decades of passivity have allowed leftists to indoctrinate our kids and transform our culture.  Who would think leftists would boldly promote lesbianism in Disney's new animated family movie, Frozen 2, calling it a beautiful thing? 

It is time for Christians to be salt as God commanded – making a difference, adding godly savor to our culture.  That truly is a beautiful thing.

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
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