Everybody Knows

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded, that the fight is fixed.  Everybody knows there two kinds of "public servants" in America: those who are held accountable for their actions and those who are not.  The unaccountables are almost always Democrat.

Everybody knows that the king and queen of all unaccountables are Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Their careers have been a crescendo of criminality for which they have never been held to account.  The Clintons offend locally and globally.  They build from local crimes like rape, intimidation, corruption, and perjury (some say worse) to global ones like diverting tens of millions of dollars from the sickest and poorest people to their bank accounts.  Hillary tossed around top national secrets like a Caesar salad.

The pinnacle of their careers as global unaccountables is the Uranium One scandal.  It took four years of collusion with the Russians.  They were abetted by many, including Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller, who knew and looked the other way.  Uranium in Wyoming is like potatoes in Idaho: there's a lot of it.  Hillary's Russian reset meant that the Clintons sold all the uranium in Wyoming to the Russian government for at least $150 million to the Clintons' foundation.

Everybody knows that Barack Obama is doubly unaccountable.  He is unaccountable by physiognomy and by exquisite hypocrisy.  Holder and Lynch, both also double-unaccountables, subverted the justice system as Obama's attorneys general, criminally conspired in multiple ways for political ends.  Everybody knows that Obama knew about the illegally obtained FISA warrant to spy on Donald Trump.  National security adviser Susan Rice is a numbskull who was valued for race and for lying straight-faced.  Susan's parting prose was a note to self: we did really good, and were very honest.  Now do I get my chocolates and long-stemmed rose?  Everybody knows.

Power corrupts.  Power plus unaccountability turns sophisticated people into incompetent criminals and the uneducated into destructive, foul-mouthed brats.  The Obama administration produced multitudes of both.  They enjoyed eight years of unparalleled unaccountability thanks to a lapdog legacy press.

The FBI, the DOJ, all the top-tier unaccountables, forgot that the deplorables existed and never doubted that Hillary Clinton could buy and lie her way into the presidency.  It was her turn.  Still, it can't hurt to wiretap the opposing campaign.  Besides, it's so much fun to do whatever you want.  It was Woodstock for the D.C. unaccountables.  The top DOJ-FBI administrators, meaning people who were not competent enough to be real agents and lawyers, had the time of their lives playing cops and spies.  Hillary's $12 million passed through Nellie Ohr at Fusion GPS.  Her husband, Assistant Attorney General Bruce Ohr, met with Christopher Steele, the cover-story author of the pee-pee dossier on Trump.  Ohr, who still works at the Justice Department, reported all the fun to Sally Yates.  Everybody came out to play.  McCabe spied; Comey danced and lied; John McCain lent a hand.  Strzok and Page were special beaux, they took their meetings without their clothes.  Everybody knows: Carter Page is not a spy; he's just the one they chose.

If they had kept their oath to defend the Constitution and accepted the results of a lawful election, all these misdeeds, and many others yet to be revealed, would not have come to light.  Everybody knows that Hell hath no fury like scorned politicos.  They molded their outrage into an absurd charge that Trump had colluded with the Russians to fix the election.  Rat Rosenstein brought in Mueller, who was given a fishing license that will never expire.

Collusion?  By personality, Donald Trump is the last person who would secretly collude with anybody.  Everybody knows that Trump would not collude with Christ Himself if the chance arose.  Collusion is for people who lack confidence in their ability to accomplish a purpose and turn to underhanded methods.  If there is one defining feature to Donald Trump's personality, it is tremendous confidence in the belief that he can accomplish his goals. Collusion is sneaky behavior that gives the other collaborators great power.  Trump would not grant that kind of power to anybody.  He would never believe he has to.  Furthermore, collusion involves concealment.  Everybody wishes Trump would try a little concealment now and then.  Mr. President, hide something from us once in a while, please.

This is a psychological theory about Jeff Sessions's removing himself from seeking justice for the American people regarding all the crimes of the Clinton-Obama regime: he has PTSD.  Unaccountables get to slander and insult accountable politicians in the most vile terms whenever they choose.  Accountables always calmly defend themselves, no matter how unreasonable or inflammatory the abuse, because they have honor and integrity.  Sessions is a first-rank accountable who has been unjustly vilified as a racist for decades.  Avoidance is a major cluster of symptoms in PTSD.  He may just be burned out from the abuse.

Everybody knows it's now or never; everybody knows that it's truth or lies.  That's how it goes.  Everybody knows.

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