Does the Greenhouse Gas CO2 cool the climate?

Most would consider this an odd question and probably ignore it or just delete it. Not so fast, please, my friends! The answer to the question is important in understanding the puzzling ineffectiveness of the greenhouse gas (GHG) carbon dioxide (CO2) in warming the climate -- as seen in the 20th century record and as deduced from the existence of the widening gap between the model results based on rising CO2 and observations of atmospheric temperatures by both satellites and radiosondes [Fig. 1] Fig. 1 –Model results vs. observations[i] Note the growing “gap.” “Greenhouse gas” only means that CO2 absorbs some infrared (IR) radiation; it does not guarantee climate warming. In fact, the outcome depends mostly on atmospheric structure, measured by balloon-borne radiosondes. It is expressed by the so-called atmospheric lapse rate (ALR), defined as change in atmospheric temperature with altitude.[ii] [Note that "lapse rate" has...(Read Full Article)