Delinquent Debt in America: To Forgive or Not to Forgive

Back in the 1800s in Great Britain, those who couldn't pay back their loans would be sent to "the workhouse," AKA debtors' prison, where they would be forced to work off their arrearage – i.e., their delinquent debt.  Consequently, taking on debt was a serious undertaking back in jolly old Dickensian England.  But then it was a more serious age than ours, with more serious people. In today's America, the gravity of debt no longer tugs at us as it did back in the 19th century, when we had debtors' prisons.  Attitudes toward debt have changed.  Some even think their debts should be "forgiven."  Interesting term, that.  It suggests that going into debt is sinful.  Indeed, in the various versions of the Lord's Prayer, "debt" is synonymous with "sin" and "trespass" and is therefore in need of forgiveness: "forgive us our...(Read Full Article)