Anarchy Is Swallowing Up the Social Order

Government in the name of order, control, efficiency, organization, the greatest good for the greatest number, solidarity, social justice, and safety is instead ruling over a society that is increasingly disordered, crime-ridden, unjust, and disturbed to an extreme.  A word that describes the direction of our acceleration through space and time is anarchy. The momentum toward anarchy began with the move toward federal government expansion.  During Woodrow Wilson's presidency, we began to see the implementation of what is now called the administrative state.  This was helped along by our participation in WWI, which created the need for more governmental controls.  This was followed by the massive Keynesian demand-side economics implemented by Franklin D. Roosevelt, the New Deal, and WWII. Regulation grows by supposedly "meeting a need," but meeting a need leads from that point into greater...(Read Full Article)