A Nation of Children Wants a Nation of Gun Control

In the history of protests, there is probably nothing less inspiring than a high-schooler refusing to go to school.   It's as if the children threatened not to eat their vegetables; or as if a bad Catholic, upset with the bedrock teachings of the Church, refused to go to Mass.   You can refuse any number of things, but you can't refuse in the most fun way possible, and if you refuse your food, the response of your "oppressors" should be then don't eat your food.   It's your life, and should you choose to ruin it by getting skinny or playing hookey, I say best of luck to you.   If you really want to make an impression, you should douse yourself in gasoline and set yourself on fire.   That way, we'll know you really mean it. I'm not against children, but I am 100% against "think of the children."   I like to think of what's best for the grown-ups.   Whatever...(Read Full Article)