We Don't Need a National Conversation about Guns (or Anything Else)

Can knowing less national news, somewhat paradoxically, make for a broader, more accurate, and healthier perspective as a citizen?  Does promoting a "national conversation" about this or that problem do more harm than good? Social media, despite its ostensible purpose, are in fact tearing us apart.  Anti-American forces, foreign and domestic, know this and are doing what they can to exacerbate the problem.  It would be hard to exaggerate how much this sense of social unrest primes us to embrace leftist philosophy: the problems seem so many and beyond control that we might begin thinking that only something as big as the federal government can have the solutions.  So we give it more power.  Don't miss the irony: in response to our sense of powerlessness, we relinquish more power.  This is how Leviathan grows.  It would quickly starve if we just removed ourselves from the "national...(Read Full Article)