T-Mobile and Leftism

The T-Mobile SuperBowl commercial #LittleOnes contains only 77 words. But those words summarize the divisiveness and dehumanization of the progressive left and unloads them onto babies. The voice-over monologue is godless political pablum served up to build anger and selfishness in the next generation. The ad shows a circle of nine infants of different races, all about three months old. A soft female voice says:

Welcome to the world, little ones. Yeah, it’s a lot to take in but you come with open minds and the instinct we are all equal.

Ashley Rae Goldenberg at the Media Research Center has written an essay entitled, "T-Mobile Super Bowl Ad Pushes Myth That Babies Don’t See Race or Gender." The only mistake Miss Goldenberg makes in that piece is that she succumbs to the ill-advised term “gender” when the correct term is sex. The article briefly reviews the strong evidence that not only do babies distinguish and react differently to people according to race and sex, they do so before the age of one.

Tabula rasa, or the mind as a blank slate, is central to the progressive creation mythos. This fallacy asserts that everything human beings think, say, and do derives from what they learn in the environment, as controlled by society. For example, an application of tabula rasa trending now is that male babies become boys and female babies become girls mainly because society tells them they have to, and requires they be given “gendered” clothes and toys. This thesis is so at odds with natural phenomena it must be deemed insane. Tabula rasa is dear to the left because it minimizes individuality and personal responsibility, while emphasizing the differences among groups rather than within groups.

A corollary of the fundamental belief system of progressivism is that there is no such thing as sin before God, only social injustice among groups, according to the opinions of people. If the only evil is social evil, religion is irrelevant and politics are everything. Enlightened leaders such as the executives at T-Mobile get to decide which social conditions constitute injustice, to build those political opinions into their advertising, and to virtue-signal good on themselves by advertising their politics. After huddling for weeks, perhaps in the miserly light of curlicue enviro-lights above them, the creative minds working for T-Mobile corporation pinpointed racism, sexism, and homophobia as the preeminent and permanent evils in life. And they wrote a commercial to drum that into the heads of babies. The soft voice says:

Some people may see your differences and be threatened by them, but you are unstoppable.

Be warned little ones, American society has made scant progress towards interracial acceptance. You children, except maybe for whitey on the end there, will live in a world full of people who are threatened by you and who will hate you just for who you are. But it’s okay, the haters can’t stop you from getting what you want.

This message is devoid of the highest truth regarding the problem of enmity and strife among people. This generation must not hear that God is love, that the only remedy for hate is divine love. They will not hear the Golden Rule, or to love the enemy as the self. They have neither inspiration nor obligation to heal fear and misunderstanding. Their obligation is to themselves, to not be stopped in fulfilling their own desires. Next the soft voice says:

You’ll love who you want.

Here we go, the big lie, wrapped up in soothing falsehoods about human possibility. Forced marriages have never been a method of imposing the American Judeo-Christian religions, and unless such practices are brought by Islamic immigrants they never will be. Furthermore, there has been an unparalleled degree of social mobility and unregulated public interaction in America, which has resulted in a whole lot of self-directed love. Of course, “love who you want” is a dog whistle for the “LGBT” entitlement, and especially for same-sex marriage. What a waste! To encourage yet another generation to focus on the political partitioning of sexuality. (Interestingly, the only thing the left believes lies outside of the premise of tabula rasa is the predilection for variant sexuality. Apparently, babies have completely “open minds” except for that hardwiring.)

Let’s do the math. It is a well-established statistic accepted by both left and right wings that approximately 3% of the American population is accurately termed homosexual. The 3% statistic amounts to a strong prediction that none of the nine babies in the commercial will grow up to evidence predominant same-sex attraction. Suppose T-Mobile assembled a representative sample of thirty babies, and one grew up to be homosexual. What a burden to place on this one member of the group who belongs to a small minority. His needs will continue to be defined for him according to left-wing politics, his labeling will continue to bestow a priori virtue upon him, and his life will still be used as a weapon against the chimeric “homophobe,” i.e., anyone who thinks for themselves outside the progressive prison cell. Suddenly the voice is not soft any more, it covers the babies in angry tones:

You will demand equal pay, you will not allow where you come from to dictate where you’re going, you will be heard, not dismissed.

What a crock! The hoax of unequal pay has been discredited innumerable times. Ask any sample of the most successful people in America if they had the freedom to rise above the circumstances of their birth. The script is serving up the senseless anger characteristic of the left.

Regarding being heard, T-Mobile sees the babies as the next generation of foul-mouthed fools, cursing and screaming like the rest of the infantile left. The tragedy here is that the young are not being given the truth -- that you have will be listened to if you get past yourself, use your God-given talents, work hard, and develop knowledge that is useful. Lastly, the voice says:

You will be connected and not alone.

Human beings need families; organized criminals and social justice warriors need connections. The destruction of the traditional family lies at the core of all left-wing politics. This is why the commercial emphasizes political connection rather than family. The young need to be prepared for the great opportunity to be the loving and grateful members of a family throughout life. Above all, they need to be taught that if you give love to all because all are one, and if you serve others even at the cost of your own comfort, you will never be alone.

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