Time's Up: Anti-Trump Forces Face Their Day of Reckoning

Let's suppose for a minute that Hillary Clinton and all her fellow Resisters, along with all their allies in the Deep State, had accepted the results of the 2016 election, as has been the tradition and expectation.  Remember Hillary's sneering question to Donald at the debates – whether he would accept the election results?  At that time, nobody thought Hillary would be the one to throw the temper tantrum when she lost, much less organize a resistance movement. 

Suppose that, instead of anger and outrage over losing the election and launching what is turning out to be a suicidal frontal assault on Donald Trump, Hillary and her minions had set about to co-opt him with flattering news coverage and invitations to all the most glittering social events.  In the past, that's how it worked.  The Powers that Be co-opted newcomers to the Executive and Legislative Branches of government with seduction – showering them with all the enticements within the political insider's bags of goodies.  It's been done often before; the GOP is populated with legions of politicians who came to Washington promising the voters that they would be change agents.  Instead, the so-called RINOs succumbed to the voices of the Sirens who control the media, the money, and the chairmanships.  It is, as the saying goes, so much more pleasant and profitable "to go along to get along."  After all, who wants to endure a ceaseless torrent of negative coverage in the Washington Post, the New York Times, CNN, and the rest of the MSM?

This time, finding no sealed divorce proceedings to crack open at the last minute to rig the election and failing in destroying their opposition with character attacks, the Hillary forces' insurance policy was to trump up charges of Russian collusion.  I suppose it is the Arkansas-Chicago way.  Plus, destroying your opponents does afford a certain amount of ego gratification.  In fact, it's been obvious for a long time that the Clinton way is akin to Conan the Barbarian's – i.e., to "crush your enemies" is "what is best in life."

Having no way, really, to lure the Trumps into the D.C. insiders' club, Hillary and the resistance movement – ably aided by the NeverTrump brigade – launched an actual duel to the death.  So far, the Democrat and media chokehold on truth, as well as their cover-up schemes, has held up.

But truth has a way of breaking through the toughest roadblocks eventually.

More and more, it's looking as though the light of truth about Clinton-Obama corruption will be exposed sooner rather than later.

At this point, it must be noted that while Trump blustered during the campaign that if he were elected, Hillary would end up in jail, afterward, perhaps wanting to sound magnanimous and presidential, he recanted and said he would not lead the U.S. on the route of the banana republics, where the loser of an election faces personal destruction.  Trump's olive branch was not just rejected, but despised as well.  Instead, it was the Clinton machine that, as Thomas Lifson described it, "weaponized the FBI" and used a "senior-level cabal" to organize a resistance movement to ensure Trump's personal destruction after the election.

The Resisters obliviously underestimated Trump's appetite for a fight and his formidable political instincts.  Worse, they totally misjudged his determined focus on fulfilling his promises and taking control of the levers of government to clean up Obama's mess.  They still don't "get" that he is systematically implementing policies that will "Make America Great Again."

It is becoming quite obvious that the Clinton-Obama Administration Cabal engaged in (as Victor David Hanson put it) "many things quite wrong and illegal."  Further, it is becoming clear that high-level Obama officials and Clinton campaign staff deliberately and intentionally kept those "things" under wraps with the expectation that Hillary Clinton would be elected president and those doing the cover-up of crimes and misdemeanors would be protected and rewarded.

The pattern of wrongdoing is being exposed through the work of a growing list of scholars and journalists like Victor Davis Hanson, Thomas Lifson, Roger Simon, Sharyl Attkinson, and Andrew McCarthy.  The favorite metaphor to describe these analysts' work is to say they are peeling off the layers of an onion.  Lawyers, congressional investigators, and journalists refer to removing the layers of "scandalous behavior" to get to the ugly truth of corruption and collusion in the Clinton-Obama administration's efforts to deny Trump the election and, once elected, to destroy both him personally and his presidency.

Michael Goodwin, who used the term "scandalous behavior" to describe the FBI's Russian collusion probe, noted that each layer exposed reveals "how flawed and dirty that probe was."  Goodwin concludes that the "fix was in" to "hurt Trump and help Clinton."  The stench from each new revelation lingers on the media – with their dozens of "anonymously sourced" reports; FBI and DOJ leaders in the Obama era; the DNC; the British spy, Christopher Steele, who compiled the dossier at the center of the plot; and all sorts of documents with unverified accusations and allegations.  It is looking as though, at the center of the onion, we'll find the Clinton machine.  As Goodwin surmises, "The Clinton connections are so fundamental that there probably would not have been an FBI investigation without her involvement."  If the evidence holds, Clinton's "brazen work of political genius" will be "perhaps the dirtiest trick ever played in presidential history."

Throughout this whole scheme – what Roger Simon called "one of the great disgraces of American history" -- those involved have made a lot of money.  Simon revealed that a bit player among the "sleazy hypocrites" involved in the "entire nauseating, disingenuous Russia investigation" is Adam Waldman, who was paid at least $2.36 million for his work as a go-between of some sort.  Simon concluded that the Russian collusion investigation "was about hate and vengeance against fellow Americans, smearing your opponent by any means necessary."

Fortunately, truth is winning, and all the villains in this sordid chapter of American history are, according to Thomas Lifson, "in the midst of utterly discrediting themselves."  As Lifson notes, "A grand narrative of breathtaking conspiracy and corruption awaits us as the biggest political scandal in American history unfolds."

My father-in-law used to shake his head at all the "goings on" during his time and declared his firm belief that "right always comes out on top."  We can only pray that at this turbulent and crucial time in our own history, those who have created and abetted this mess will be held accountable and that truth will, indeed, prevail.