The War of Trump's Hair

Narcissists don't laugh at themselves.

Can you imagine Obama laughing at himself, in public, maybe laughing at his own big ears?  Never in a million years.  Or Michelle?  She might be going for the Democratic nomination next time, but she always projects anger.  Getting her to smile is going to be tough.

So sorry – no can do.

Trump just pulled a sight gag on himself at the start of his CPAC talk, turning his back to the audience and stroking his (phony) golden hair in a sort of goofy way.  It must have gone on for a minute or two, and the C-packers roared.  Then he turned around, smiled slightly, and started his speech.

It was a barn-burner.  He then transitioned from his starting gag to some serious talk about kids who kill and how to stop them.

The CPAC speech worked, at least for me – from a starting gag to some passionate talk about the Florida killer, and he made it all count. The whole thing was believable, at least to me, and in politics and showbiz, believability is a big deal.

(Plus, he launched the midterm campaign at CPAC, in a way few other presidents could have done.  Maybe Lincoln, who was famous for his stories and jokes,  could have done it.  Maybe Teddy Roosevelt, but not many others.

Hillary? Laugh at herself?  Gimme a break!  You should watch the way Hillary laughs.  It's so phony, she might be having a fit.)

This is why Trump is not a narcissist – because narcissists never laugh at themselves.  They are too vulnerable inside.

Secret shame is what makes the Obamas of this world act the way they do, which is why they always, always, always have to boast about themselves.  We all start life as little narcissists, like babies in the Terrible Twos, and then some of us grow up, and some of us don't.

We wrote about Trump's grown-up personality last year, when he was running for office.  Now it turns out he likes to do comical shticks every now and then, but he's generally as serious as Lincoln was when the Civil War broke out.

One time Trump had a photo op with two sexy Miss Universes, both of them throwing buckets of ice cold water over his head, on the roof of one of his big Trump hotels.  He didn't crack a smile, because it's no fun to get all that ice water over your combover on the roof of a big, cold, windy building.

Jackie Gleason didn't smile either when he was the target of a gag.  That makes it funnier.

Trump likes physical humor, which is terribly, terribly undignified, but...who cares?  He can also be dignified, and he's just being Trump.  He has his genuine side, as he showed in that speech, talking about Florida kids being killed by that moron. That was dead serious, and the audience felt it.

Watch for some action from the White House soon – some sensible ideas that might make a difference.  School shooters go for all the drama and TV exposure, because those little thugs are big narcissists, too, and if the girl doesn't like him, your teenage thug wants revenge.  Don't ever give him that satisfaction, and put him in jail if he makes credible threats to kill.

Credible murder threats do not have First Amendment protection, as the other side likes to pretend, whenever its members love the murderer.

The Founders knew better.  The whole history of English Common Law was based on practical people – farmers, soldiers, and sailors – who wanted free speech, but they did know the line that could never be crossed.

If you pose a danger to other people, or yourself, the Constitution does not give  you love and protection.  It's a practical document, which is why it has lasted.  The Constitution – the real Constitution, not the phony-baloney Obama prop – is not a suicide note.  You pose a threat, and the cops can lock you up, and you can call the ACLU if you want, but somewhere, with a little luck, there's a judge with common sense who doesn't have to parade his liberal street cred for the newspapers.  He'll put you in jail, and don't you dare come back.  There's no "catch and release" in the U.S. Constitution, because that's fake law enforcement, a parody of the real thing.  They were practical people, the Founders, and also clear thinkers.

We now have an insane immigration system, and ordinary people are beginning to catch on.  Trump will run on that issue for the midterms, and a lot of people already agree with him.  Let Hillary try that one on.

I thought it was a good speech.

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