The Left's Objective in Its War on the NRA

The litany of major American companies severing their ties to the NRA continues to expand.  They are succumbing to the drumbeat of false accusations and hysteria ginned up by the left and its political arm, the Democratic Party, as well as the left's cohorts in the media.  The NRA has been in leftists' crosshairs for the past two decades.  However, the actual purpose of this targeting is far deeper than what the left proclaims to be its objective: the passage of "commonsense" gun laws and restrictions on gun ownership as an antidote to gun violence.

Beginning in the first part of the twentieth century, the disciples of Hegel, Nietzsche, Marx, and later Alinsky (the American left) understood that in order to establish their version of a uniquely American socialist state, virtually all traditions, history, and societal underpinnings would have to be fully undermined and replaced.  This process, while time-consuming, would eventuate in a new American society subservient to the central government.

The major tenets of their long-term strategy of ultimately controlling a potentially all-powerful central government in perpetuity are: 

  1. The subtle but persistent annexation of the education establishment, thus creating succeeding generations of indoctrinated and ill educated voters.
  2. The stealth placement of true believers throughout the entertainment complex, transforming it into an instrument of socialist and anti-American propaganda.  
  3. As a byproduct of transforming the education and entertainment establishments, the reshaping of the so-called mainstream media into another subsidiary of the left's propaganda leviathan.
  4. The takeover of one of the two major political parties.
  5. Undermining the religious foundation of the country and its cultural institutions by proclaiming a new panoply of rights as granted by the government.  Any opposition is to be ridiculed, intimidated, and if necessary threatened.
  6. The measured elimination, utilizing coercion and harassment, of all political opposition, particularly grassroots organizations representing a vast number of citizens that potentially stand in the way of the ultimate objective.

The NRA is perhaps the most powerful grassroots organization in the nation still dedicated to preserving the rights as enumerated in the Constitution.  Because of its over 5 million members, it has influence not only in Washington, but in the state capitals as well.  Through its offices and media activity, it can influence and mobilize exponentially far more than just its dues-paying membership. 

Therefore, the left-wing cabal must mobilize and utilize all tactics possible in order to marginalize the NRA.  The fact that the primary purpose of the NRA is the defense of the 2nd Amendment plays into the left's hands, as leftists have a cudgel – gun violence –  to use whenever mass shootings occur.  With a compliant media (see C above), a woefully ill educated populace (see A above), and an entertainment complex to do their bidding (see B above), the forces arrayed against the NRA or any other similar organization dedicated to preserving the tenets of this nation's founding are formidable

Leftists know they cannot confiscate all the guns in the nation and have no intention of attempting to do so.  But by eliminating the influence of the NRA they can by legislation, taxation, and regulation incrementally make gun ownership increasingly problematic and progressively more expensive, as there will be no organized and powerful voice to defend the unfettered right to bear arms or promote the tenets and spirit of the Constitution.

The left is hoping everyone will not see the forest for the trees.  While it has virtually the entire country focused on gun control, the American left is beginning to realize the very real possibility of success in its original objective.  If the NRA collapses or is marginalized, no other conservative grassroots organization will be able to survive.  The left will have achieved another and perhaps the most important of its major goals.

The election of Donald Trump was a major setback to the ongoing machinations of the left.  However, they are more determined and devious than ever as they endeavor to get their "revolution" back on course.  Whether it is gun control, immigration, spending, or a myriad of societal and cultural issues, there can be no good-faith compromising with such a Machiavellian and callous group that would exploit a tragedy purely for political gain in order to destroy one of its most outspoken nemeses: the NRA.

I have owned firearms for over 60 years, yet I had never joined NRA.  However, in light of what is happening now, I have joined.  So should all Americans who value liberty, whether they own a gun or not.  The stakes are far greater than many realize.

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