The Democrats' Defense of the Indefensible

The "memo" has been released! Most of what is revealed within it is not surprising; much of this information has been out there for all to read for many months, almost a year, for those interested in getting to the bottom of this major scandal. But there were a few surprises, among them McCabe's admission that the fake dossier was primarily used to get the FISA warrant and the court was not told it was opposition research. The mainstream media have assiduously avoided reporting on any of it; their gullible and ill-informed readers and viewers needed to be kept in the dark. It is a sad commentary on the intellectual curiosity of leftists. To quote The Wiz, don't give them "no bad news." If they do not know it, have not read it, it does not exist. What is Uranium One?  Who knows? What is the "dossier"? Never heard of it the Trump-haters say. They choose the bliss of ignorance. As for the memo, "is that all there is," they say. Nothing...(Read Full Article)