The Ascension of the DC Swamp Creatures

Why are so many of the people who have risen to the top of our government institutions, those who become the leaders or directors of our alphabet agencies, so imperious, so devious, so malevolent, so lacking in character and so disdainful of the American people?  How is it that people of good character no longer want to work for the government or run for elective office?   The answer: because it is not just a swamp, it is a toxic, venomous morass of self-serving lowlifes.  

Consider the people we have come to know a bit about:  Lois Lerner -- she was proud and happy to sabotage the non-profit  status of every conservative group who applied for it throughout the Obama administration.  She pled the 5th Amendment when testifying before Congress and walked away with a very generous pension.  John Koskinen, her boss, was even more overtly dismissive of the law when he appeared before Congress.  It was under his leadership that thousands of back-up tapes and emails mysteriously disappeared.  He retired without suffering any consequences of his illegal bad acts.

Obama's cabinet amounted to a host of above-the-law narcissists who were invested only in keeping their own powerful positions and pensions and in punishing the people and groups they loathed.  Eric Holder, Obama's "wingman," was the only attorney general ever to be held in contempt of Congress.  He orchestrated the gun-running scheme called Fast and Furious.  He, with Obama's imprimatur, let guns be sold to drug cartels in the US so that our Second Amendment could be blamed when hundreds of innocent Mexicans would be killed (which they were).   This was the man who told his DOJ that he would not prosecute any of "his people," even the Black Panthers who intimidated voters with baseball bats in Philadelphia. 

Then there is Ben Rhodes, the boy wonder who claimed credit for the terrible Iran deal and joked about how easy it was to manipulate the "echo chamber" that is the media.   There is Valerie Jarrett, Obama's  consigliere who ran the show and Jonathan Gruber who bragged about pulling the Obamacare wool over the stupid public's eyes. Loretta Lynch was another willing tool of the administration.  She sacrificed her reputation, her legacy, for a shot at the AG job in a Clinton administration.  She sold out like the rest of them.  Power and phony prestige was more important than character or the law to all of these people.

Now we know that the whole of the DC swamp is full of such people.  The "7th floor" of the FBI, where the bigwigs plot their schemes, is shot through with pompous swells who delight in their own power to destroy, like small children knocking down another kid's sandcastle.  Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, Yates, Preistap, and company are each and every one saboteurs of our formerly democratic republic.

They decided the corrupt but known-quantity Clintons should again inhabit the White House and not the outsider Trump.

They felt completely comfortable spying on innocent Americans, ruining the lives of some of them, like Carter Page and Michael Flynn.  

They were willing to fabricate any and all manner of lies, even a "dossier" created by Clinton operatives and laundered to appear as though it came from Russia, to  take Trump down and out.  

Not one of them likely asked "Do you know how many different kinds of laws we've broken?" as the characters in the film Dave had the awareness to ponder.  This bunch never questioned the rightness of their plans.  The Strzok/Page texts prove that beyond doubt.  They feel entitled to annihilate any person or group  they deplore.

And then there is James Clapper and John Brennan, addle-brained but as vengeful as they come.  They have a hard time keeping their stories straight and so are the Laurel and Hardy of the NSA and CIA.  They both lie with such ease it boggles the mind, and yet neither of them has been charged with perjury or obstruction.  Both of them should be imprisoned at Guantanamo for their crimes against this nation.   Congressman Adam Schiff is so manically obsessed with taking Trump down that he was easily pranked by a couple of Russian comedians.  And he accuses Trump of collusion!

How on earth did such men and women reach the highest levels of power in our once-democratic government?  Under Obama the government was weaponized at the highest levels of every agency:   IRS, EPA, HUD, FDA, FEC, FCC, DNI, DOD, and other acronyms too obscure to recognize, but wielding enormous power over mere citizens. 

Over eight years, these agencies generated hundreds of thousands of new, un-legislated regulations that were an effective stranglehold on the American economy.  Trump is undoing all of this terrible damage, bit by bit, agency by agency. He got a measure of tax reform passed, which is already reaping rewards for those who need jobs or better jobs.  

He is unleashing the economy and it is booming.  And the left hates him for it.  They actually do hate him more than they love their country.  One only had to watch them refuse to applaud any person or anything positive at the SOTU to observe how insufferable Pelosi, Schumer  and their  mind-numbed acolytes truly are.

While corruption has always been part of the inhuman condition among the denizens of DC, the level of that corruption grew under the Bill Clinton presidency and exploded under the Obama administration.  Obama and Hillary are both students of Saul Alinsky.  They adhere to those Rules for Radicals and have little patience for the well-designed chaos of our meant-to-be Constitutional Republic.  They have no patience for the needs and wants of regular Americans for whom they have only contempt. 

Nancy Pelosi talked herself to near-death on Wednesday on behalf of the millions of illegal immigrant "dreamers" she values over and above any legal citizen.  The woman is demented.  Never once has she expressed compassion for the families who have lost loved ones to the crimes of illegal alien criminals.  They are insignificant casualties of her open borders mania.  Seventy percent of Americans want legal immigration based on merit, and they want border security and an end to chain migration.  They want the wall.

Perhaps because in the real world of industry, service, manufacturing, agriculture, entertainment, food production, and other productive enterprise, character and diligence are  the  keys to success.  Talent and expertise are crucial, as is a work ethic.  These are the qualities that are quintessentially American across the board in all walks of life -- except government!  These are the values that have built this country. 

While there are more than a few talented men and women of character in government, they are still the exception in the upper echelons,  not the rule.  There are even fewer men and women of character in the mainstream media, which is why we are blessed to have so many reliable internet news outlets aside from ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC.  

Far too many of these people, our so-called leaders, rose to their positions of power by default, with other people's money, people rich enough to buy influence,  or their own dynastic money like the Kennedys.  How can men and women of fine character and an aptitude for leadership go up against candidates funded by an evil man like George Soros?  They cannot.  

And so we are saddled with ignoble people like those in the Obama administration and those who remain in the deep state who are doing their best to take out the most consequential and conservative President we've had since Reagan.   We must find a way to weed out the reprobates.  Most American are sick to death of the dregs running the show.