Lack of Sleep is the Latest Ammunition for Anti-Trumpers

Political pundits, celebrities, and liberal politicians are constantly looking for ways to explain what they call the president’s “erratic behavior,” when the reality is that they simply don’t agree with his policies and decisions. The latest blame tactic? Poor health and a lack of sleep.

White House Physician Rules Trump Healthy

As President Trump concludes his first full year in the Oval Office, media members on the left are trying to come to terms with the fact that he’s actually been quite productive and effective -- something liberal publications like the Atlantic have even admitted. While “reporters” and “journalists” have spent the last year running down nonexistent Russian rabbit trails, Trump and his cabinet have rattled off a long list of accomplishments.

Some of the Trump administration’s early accomplishments include: near defeat of ISIL forces in the Middle East, plummeting rate of illegal border crossings, a successful Supreme Court nomination, multiple lifetime appointments in lower courts, massive deregulation across multiple industries, tax cuts for virtually every American, and a thriving economy with stock markets that hit new highs every few days.

Despite all the progress that’s being made -- much of it bipartisan in nature -- the media can’t bring itself to focus on the facts. Instead of reporting news, they’re trying their best to create news. Recently, they’ve decided that Trump is mentally and physically unfit to serve as commander in chief.

Apart from the absurd double standard -- remember that this is the same media that was outraged when people questioned Hillary Clinton’s health during her campaign -- there’s nothing to indicate the president is suffering from any sort of health crisis.

In order to quell these rumors and shift the focus back to real issues that matter to the American people, Trump recently agreed to have a full evaluation done by the official White House physician. While he’s considered slightly overweight and continues to take medication for high cholesterol (as he has for years), there were no red flags. He even volunteered to take a cognitive test and scored 30 out of 30.

“I’ve found no reason whatsoever to think the president has any issues whatsoever with his thought processes,” says Dr. Ronny L. Jackson, the White House physician who was originally appointed by former President Barrack Obama.

Despite Trump voluntarily taking a physical, insisting on taking a cognitive test that wasn’t necessary, and agreeing to discuss the results, the media still isn’t satisfied. They’ve reached for several new claims and unearthed some old ones. The most ridiculous is that the president doesn’t get enough sleep.

How Much Sleep Does a President Need?

On his campaign trail, President Trump made numerous references to his sleep habits -- frequently claiming that he averages just four hours of sleep per night. But this isn’t something new. He’s reportedly done this for decades. It’s also not out of the ordinary for other politicians and former presidents.

Bill Clinton was known to get just five hours of sleep during his presidency. Barack Obama averaged right around six hours. Even the UK’s current Prime Minister Theresa May gets just six hours. So the idea that Trump’s four hours of sleep are an outlier is a stretch, at best. And the idea that his limited sleep schedule makes him cognitively unfit for the presidency is an unfounded and insane allegation.

Think, for a moment, if the opposite were true. What if Trump were sleeping 10 hours per night? Surely the media would be calling him lazy -- saying he sleeps too much. That’s what today’s reporters do. They quickly flip the script so that it conveniently fits their agenda.

While Trump’s abbreviated sleep schedule could be based on his biological makeup and/or personality, it’s more than likely the result of the chronic stress he’s faced for years.

“There can be plenty of reasons why sleep is hard to come by, and stress is one of the most prevalent factors,” Sleepopolis explains. “When the mind is undergoing stress, it can create wandering thoughts that make it difficult to feel relaxed enough to fall asleep. Too much stimulation from smartphones, televisions, and computers before bed can trigger the mind to stay alert, making it more difficult to wind down at bedtime.”

This latter point is actually pretty interesting and relevant, considering that Trump does a lot of late night tweeting. Till Roenneberg, professor of chronobiology at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich actually took the time to analyze 12,000 Trump tweets and made some hypothesis about how his social media behavior interacts with his sleeping. While the results are anything but scientific, he actually believes Trump gets more like six to six and a half hours of sleep per night.

Anti-Trumpers Always Looking for More

Whether it’s four hours, six hours, or eight hours, Trump’s sleep schedule doesn’t appear to be having any significant or prolonged effects on his cognitive functioning and decision making. Could he think more clearly by getting another hour or two of sleep per night? Perhaps -- but former presidents like Clinton and Obama could have as well. (Not to mention Abraham Lincoln, who is widely considered to be one of the most productive individuals to ever hold the office.)

Essentially, this all boils down to a witch-hunt. It’s not a witch-hunt in some evil or egregious sense of the term, but it’s certainly annoying, childish, and unnecessary. The media is constantly looking for ways to discredit President Trump and will steep as low as possible to put chinks in his armor.

At first, they said he was running for president as a publicity stunt. Then, they tried to discredit him with allegations of racism and sexism. Once he got elected, months were spent on unfounded allegations of Russian interference. Most recently, it’s been the idea that he’s unstable and unhealthy. What’s next?