Disinformation: Russian Espionage, Infiltration, Influence Peddling, and Sabotage

If we had paid more attention to Ion Mihai Pacepa when he defected from the Rumanian Intelligence Service as the highest ranking communist intelligence defector we have ever had, we wouldn’t be asking dumb questions about Russian manipulation or disruption of Western Nation politics.  Pacepa is now 89 and defected to the US in 1978. When he defected, he was an intimate of the dictator Ceausescu and had multiple high positions in the Romanian government. We all know the Romanians did what the Russians told them to do, just like all the Eastern Bloc Countries, and in particular in matters of black ops, Bulgaria.  Pacepa on Raul Castro's yacht off Cuba, 1974 Since Pacepa was the highest ranking Eastern Bloc defector, his knowledge and insights were and are superior to what we have from other sources. The story of Romanian efforts to kill Pacepa after his defection and his effective efforts to destroy Romanian intelligence assets and the regime of the...(Read Full Article)