A Democrat Year? Don't Count on It.

Listening to the mainstream media and Democrats, the 2018 midterm congressional elections are in the bag -- for them. Yes, the MSM are mostly a propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, so they’re spinning. But capturing the House isn’t in the cards for a power-lusting party that’s gone outright fringy – and corrupt. The fringy-corrupt party is also driven by Trump-hate. Hate usually doesn’t win at ballot boxes – outside of diehards. The Senate is more problematic, but don’t bet against it staying Republican, too.

As Fred Barnes writes for the Weekly Standard, Newt Gingrich believes that Trump’s massive tax reforms should be the centerpiece that drives the GOP’s efforts to retain Congress.

But there’s another, big, big issue this year that can’t be ignored. Thanks to Hillary, Bill, Obama, and his administration higher-ups, for starters, the Democrats have broken bad. In fact, they “Better Call Saul.”  

Newt said this in the Barnes article:

Republicans should explain the cuts and their impact “at a cultural level… the large economy level .  .  . and at a personal level,” he said. This would send a simple message: “We want you to have money in your pocket, a better job, a greater future, more money in your 401(k) for retirement. [Democrats] want all that money for their bureaucrats and their giveaways. You pick which team you like.” 

It’s hard to argue with Gingrich, who as speaker gave Republicans the “Contract with America,” which gave Republicans the U.S. House for the first time since Eisenhower. A rebounding economy fuel-injected by Trump tax cuts is a slam-dunk winner. Infrastructure improvements may add to the list, if Congress passes a Trump-backed measure. Immigration “reform” is more contentious. It must feature wall construction, an end to chain and lottery immigration, and strict merit-based immigration (with caps).

That would be quite a legislative record, if the latter two are successfully dealt with. If not, then Republicans need to blame the Democrats for obstruction. And keep hammering them as part of their campaign trail mix.  

But GOP congressional candidates who stump without using the “C” word (corruption) are leaving a potent issue back at their HQs. They’re also doing a disservice to justice.

The Democrats are mired in a mess of corruption. Almost daily fresh revelations point to conspiracies to cover-up a mafia-worth of felonies. Those include crimes aimed at electing Hillary and defeating Trump -- and then perpetrating a frame-up of Trump once he won. That’s the Trump-Russia collusion fraud.  

Put aside the obvious campaign advantages to Republicans. Voters have a right to know about what’s shaping up to be the most historic corruption at the highest levels of the U.S. government. If this corruption isn’t treason, it’s close. GOP candidates have a moral obligation to inform voters.

Once voters come to grasp the breadth and depth of the evil -- and the stonewalling and aiding and abetting provided by congressional Democrats to the Clintons, Holder, Lynch, Comey and, perhaps, the man himself, Barack Obama (among others) -- the chances for Democratic electoral success in competitive districts and states will melt. 

But let’s do offer a condition: Timing is pivotal in most things. Revelations of criminality among highly placed Democrats and their Deep State cronies need to reach a critical mass in voters’ minds before November 6. 

Moreover, the crimes are so tangled that untangling them and then reconnecting them sensibly for busy voters is key. 

The tangle? It’s Uranium One and Hillary’s servers and violations of national security laws. It’s pay-to-play the Clinton Foundation way. It’s a tarmac meeting between Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, with the stink of a conspiracy to cover-up. It’s Obama’s DOJ, FBI, and CIA conspiring to cover-up and queer a presidential contest. Then the Hillary defeat fallback: Perpetrating a soft coup against President Trump -- which is still ongoing via the Mueller inquisition. 

Right now, the wind is at Trump’s and the GOP’s backs. How often does the party in power suffer when the economy is rip-roaring? The Trump recovery is pulsing across the country. Per the balance, leading economic indicators are up: 200,000 new jobs; GDP growing at 2.6%; durable goods orders up, 2.9%; core inflation is just 1.8%; stock market’s strong -- despite the recent adjustments; interest rates rising moderately, which works against liquidity traps.

Per the Investor’s Business Daily, “[t]he IBD/TIPP Economic Optimism Index climbed 1.6 points to 56.7 in February, riding a wave of tax-cut-fueled pay hikes, bonuses and stock-market gains to a 13-year high.” The Conference Board “project[s] GDP to rise by 2.9 percent in 2018 compared to 2.3 percent for 2017.” There’s the president’s work to make trade fair, thereby protecting American jobs and businesses.      

The U.S. is inches away from completely defeating ISIS. Trump has knocked Kim Jong-un off-balance, though North Korea remains a threat. The nation is more secure, generally.

Newt’s recommendation for a personalized approach to telling the economic good news has application to the burgeoning Magnitude 10 Democratic scandal in Washington (and wherever the Clintons roam).  

You can bet your FISA warrant threatened constitutional rights that the MSM will continue to do their best to suppress Democrats’ bad news -- or failing that, to discount news about the party’s hydra-headed scandal.  

The challenge falls to conservative media and GOP incumbents and candidates to tell the story to voters -- the true story of unprecedented venality at the upper echelons of government; tell it smartly, simply… about how the Clintons and Obama administration combined corruption threatens every American’s basic rights. If the wrongdoers aren’t brought to justice, a dangerous precedent has been set.      

Conservative media are doing their part. White House and RNC communications operations are tasked with rendering a powerful and persuasive narrative, and then prodding GOP congressional aspirants to make the case to voters.

A combination of factors should be the Democrats undoing in the 2018 congressional elections. That’s a mix of good news and the truth -- the ugly truth of felony lawbreaking and conspiracies among a former president, the 2016 Democratic Party presidential nominee, a sitting president, and a supporting cast of powerful players at the highest reaches of our government.  

It’s up to Republicans to make all that a winning formula.

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