A Big Red Wave

If you take the time to sit down to read the Nunes Memo, you start to realize that the claims being made on the political right aren’t just hyperbole. Nor are they a disingenuous attempt by the Trump administration to discredit the Mueller probe. It increasingly appears to be the biggest government scandal in U.S. history: the weaponization of the DOJ and FBI by the Obama administration to shield their presidential candidate and assail an opposing party’s presidential campaign and subsequent presidency. This is earth-shattering stuff. Yet, what are we hearing from the mainstream media (MSM)? Not just denial, but teeth-gnashing defiance. It leaves a reasonable person in a state of fear. What is happening? This is not our American system. Could they really be on the attack in the face of damning evidence and facts? And then I had a revelation.

This defiance by Dems and their MSM lapdogs may lead to a big red wave in the midterms. They are trying to defend the indefensible. That’s why your blood pressure shoots up when you hear them speak. More evidence will continue to come out and I predict that the Dems will continue with the same strategy --- keep blaming Trump. Have the Dems gone mad, or is this a kamikaze mission?

There have been reports that the DNC is going broke and the Dems are leaderless and directionless. This is easy to believe. It is becoming more evident that in this void of leadership, they have started to follow the MSM and its agenda, instead of the other way around. This a disaster for Dems because the media isn’t considering the merits of policy positions. The MSM are chasing ratings. They are dealing in the currency of Trump Derangement Syndrome. They are dealing in the currency of identity politics and the grievance industry. They are always on the hunt for anyone with a shred of credibility to fire up an even more potent batch of hysterical brew to serve to their viewers.

Following that path, one can only conclude that these Democratic leaders are clueless. Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer: what are they thinking? As Rush Limbaugh put it on his radio show on Tuesday, “Whatever is good for America, is bad for the Democrats. Whatever is bad for America, is good for the Democrats.” Do they really think this is the path forward that leads to more votes? I imagine even Barack Obama himself must sit back and laugh in amazement at the line these fools are trying to toe for him. Why would they choose to die on this hill for Obama actors and career DOJ/FBI partisans? It’s all going to backfire and the entire left will be blindsided again because, guess what? Not every Democrat or Independent drinks every glass of Kool-Aid Wolf Blitzer serves up for them.

America is brimming with good, proud, and honorable people with families. They go to work each day and do their best. They enjoy their families, friends, and communities. Ultimately, citizens just want a system that is not on the political fringes. They want a balanced system that works for them -- the American system, the system that made this country the best, freest country in history. Not a system of corruption that subverts the rule of law at the highest levels. Not a system chock full of double standards that favors the ruling class and their whimsical causes. It simply won’t be allowed to stand.

This crop of Dems appears poised to learn the hard way that the path back to prominence will only open up when they turn the compass back toward the center. That means considering Americans before foreigners. It also means showing even the slightest adherence and respect for the laws they’ve enacted. I’m not sure that history will ever truly reflect how badly disconnected from the rule of law Obama left the Democratic party. Traditional Dems and liberals should be distraught by wave of destruction Obama left in his wake. Sadly, the echo chamber will never tell this tale.

I no longer find myself getting worked up when I’m near a public TV tuned to CNN spewing the incessant demagoguery. I snicker and shake my head. I deeply enjoy the next most outrageous claim they’ll make, because I know that people aren’t buying it anymore. I know the MSM are digging in and digging deeper and I applaud them. Keeping digging guys! Faster… faster! The MSM and Dems learned nothing from the election of Donald J. Trump.

You might ask -- What about all the statistics that show incoming administrations tend to lose the House in the first midterms? Response -- those statistics don’t encompass the largest governmental corruption scandal in history and a party that refuses to acknowledge or take any responsibility for it. I offer to my fellow conservatives good tidings: the Dems are headed for a path of destruction, and they don’t even realize it, because they never pulled their heads out of the echo chamber. If they continue down this path thinking that the collective TDS stance will carry them across the goal line, they will find themselves in the path of a big red wave. Bet on it.