Up North: What's Doing with Illegals on the Other Fenceless Border?

Since Donald Trump has ascended to the White house, there's been endless talk about the wall, and border security, as a follow-up to his months-long promises to quash the untenable invasion of people from dozens of countries.  There are often, when these issues are discussed, raised eyebrows at the status of our "northern border."  The answer is that while thousands of illegals are not sneaking in through our northern border, the problem up in Canada is a lesser invasive element: smugglers, dopers, and unsavory trespassers who must be caught and turned back. These are different problems, but still requiring surveillance, monitoring, 24-hour-a-day shifts – tough standards and the latest high-tech equipment and electronics.  I went to see for myself. I was on an expedition with CIS (Center for Immigration Studies) on a border run, twelve of us in two commodious vans.  My companions were also members of CIS, fascinating, often brilliant in their...(Read Full Article)