The Russians and Washington Political Theater

The ongoing, long-running drama in political theater in the U.S. Congress depicting the story and fantasies of alleged relations and collusion between the presidential campaign team of Donald Trump and unnamed Russians bids fair to outlast any commercial offering on New York's Broadway. The Congressional drama has everything: 50,000 missing text messages sent between two FBI agents, one the deputy head of counterintelligence and the other a lawyer, the two physically involved and both politically hostile to Trump, inexplicable problems and technical glitches with official mobile phones and software, puzzling softening of language by an FBI director, an alleged “secret society” with a political agenda within the FBI, a critical dossier written by a former British spy and funded by the opposition party, and talk of "extensive conspiracies with the Kremlin." With little exaggeration, the Washington farce appears to be the counterpart of the British comedy...(Read Full Article)