The Never-Ending Mueller Witch Hunt: An Affront to the Constitution

Over the holidays, Robert Mueller, the special counsel, leaked word to the hate-Trump media that in the coming year of 2018, he would not stop with a simple failure to find any truth in the "Russian collusion" charges against POTUS Trump.  In a display of truly Stalinist police abuse, Mr. Mueller will keep going until he finds a crime, any crime at all. 

The FBI, apparently led by Trump-hater Strzok, performed a raid on the Paul Manafort home while the family was still asleep, a surprise intimidation tactic commonly used by Hitler's Gestapo against innocent civilian families, with the purpose of frightening and punishing unarmed victims without due process.  In the absence of a pattern of illegal defiance of the law by Manafort, the Strzok team flagrantly violated the law and should be disciplined, if not fired altogether.  But Manafort was apparently cooperating. 

Also over the holidays, the New York Times tried to revise its previous story about the Steele dossier, claiming that the fraudulent "evidence" presented to the FISA court was not based on the Steele dossier at all, but was confessed by a minor Trump campaign aide, George Papadopoulos, and attributed to Russian sources.  By revising the narrative to make Papadopoulos responsible for a report on Russian disinformation to Australian officials, who passed it on to the U.S., the Times is erasing the timeline of its previous allegations.  The Russia collusion accusation has collapsed, and the NYT is busily revising history.  The public has previously been told that Christopher Steele, the "former" MI6 spy, was hired by various Trump enemies to make up the Russian collusion dossier. 

Mueller's witch hunt is a blatant affront to the United States Constitution, especially Amendments I-IV.  It is unconscionable, and if the Executive Branch cannot intervene due to political pressure, the United States Supreme Court must step out of its role of passive bystander and permit a direct appeal to the highest court by the legally abused parties, prominently (but not solely) Paul Manafort and family. 

Previous special prosecutors have been allowed to blackmail scapegoats like Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby into confessions of process crimes for which they were never initially charged.  This is the logic of a "bill of attainder" and "ex post facto law," legal snares to enable a conviction on anything the victim is accused of, even if it is a process crime obtained as a result of double-binding the victim into lying under oath.  It is the legal logic of bloody witch-hunting mobs, which wants to see a bloody carcass, any carcass at all for any reason at all.  It is repugnant to the U.S. Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. 

Because "confessions" extorted against people like Martha Stewart and Scooter Libby are blatant violations of law, and because the DOJ and the Trump White House are apparently helpless to order the Mueller posse to follow normal legal rules against abuse of federal power, the U.S. Supreme Court should be explicitly empowered to intervene.  Nothing else will stop this witch hunt.

About half of the American public now believes that this is a pure political revenge campaign.  Millions of people suspect that the last 18 months of dogged persecution against a duly elected president of the United States and anybody associated with him is no longer motivated by the farcical "Russian dossier," paid for by Hillary Clinton's DNC and corruptly and mendaciously written by a British former MI6 agent, Christopher Steele, who may have had his own political reasons for attacking a president of the United States, even as a candidate, because the swamp in the U.K. works hand in hand with the Swamp in D.C.  Even former FBI official Kallstrom believes that FBI personnel who want to clean out the mess in D.C. are standing ready to expose corrupt practices.

Sundance at Conservative Treehouse reported that the entire FBI counterintelligence unit was weaponized during the Obama years to attack political opponents and protected from legally required oversight, just like the IRS.  Obama himself has always expressed open contempt for the U.S. Constitution, and the unpunished Hillary-Huma-Mills email scandal has been allowed to fester until it stinks to high heaven. 

The most plausible reason for an endless witch hunt against President Trump and his circle is to cover the various abuses of power that have been credibly alleged against the last administration and the Department of Justice itself.  Since Robert Mueller was head of the FBI himself from 2001 to 2013, and since we now know that fired Director Comey and Mueller met in a private meeting before Comey called for a special counsel against Trump, the whole farcical process is now tainted beyond redemption. 

If the Mueller witch hunt is a campaign to cover up crimes and misdeeds by the Obama administration, by the DOJ, and by the Hillary campaign, we need a federal grand jury – but without any tainted prosecutors – to examine Mueller, Comey, Brennan, and Hillary and Huma and Mills, as well as DOJ officials who allowed Huma to walk out of the State Department with relevant paperwork only months ago.  Contrary to previous procedures, these individuals should be put under oath to tell the truth.

Admiral James Lyons has very high credibility and national security credentials, and the admiral has alleged that the U.S. government has been infiltrated and suborned by hostile enemies, notably jihad regimes and organizations, which constantly proclaim their aim to destroy this country.  This is serious business.

Robert Mueller himself ordered the FBI to allow the Nazi-era Muslim Brotherhood to indoctrinate FBI agents, and the M.B. is an old radical jihad organization that assassinated Egyptian president Anwar Sadat for negotiating peace with Israel.  The Obama administration directly aided and abetted the M.B. to overthrow President Mubarak of Egypt, helped by local agitation by Code Pink and Bill Ayers, Obama's close personal friends and radical allies.  Today, the M.B. continues to wage war against the Egyptian government.

The Obama administration is now known to have aided and abetted at least three terrorist organizations that routinely commit crimes against humanity of the worst kind – namely, Hezb'allah, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood.  In addition, there are reports that al-Qaeda branches in Syria and Libya were directly aided by the United States under Obama and Hillary. 

The Clinton Foundation received many millions of dollars from the M.B.  Hillary's longtime personal aide, Huma Abedin, is paid a salary by a Muslim Brotherhood "charity" located in Britain, founded by her father and run by her mother.  On top of everything, the Awan family was hired by the DNC under Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Hillary's ally at the DNC, to have complete access to the House Intelligence Committee computer network during the Obama years, apparently without knowledge of the FBI, CIA, and D.I.  The Awan family has now fled to Pakistan, and there may be legal proceedings against Imran Awan.

The appearance of massive corruption and deep penetration of the U.S. intelligence and counter-intelligence justifies, if anything does, the appointment of a truly independent special prosecutor and grand jury, completely untainted by politics. 

It should be mentioned in passing that Hillary's husband, Bill Clinton, was impeached by the House of Representatives for reasons that were never made public but appeared to involve the sale of missile-launching secrets to China – secrets that are plausibly now being used by North Korea and possibly Iran to threaten the United States and its allies with nuclear destruction.

This point goes to the trustworthiness of Hillary and Bill Clinton when it comes to protecting the national security of this country. 

Mr. Mueller has signaled his determination to keep prosecuting individuals associated with POTUS Trump.  There is no rationale in law or reason for such an endless prosecution, but politically, it could be used to taint the next election.  Because Mueller, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Hillary, and the rest may have a personal interest in covering up serious violations of law during the Obama years, and because Mueller personally stands to benefit from such a cover-up, the appearance of corruption, self-dealing, and active harm to national security is overwhelming.

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