The 'Case Study' against Trump and the Threat of Nazi Psychiatry

The cry-in-their-beer plaint in Politico recently by Bandy X. Lee and Leonard L. Glass, co-editors of the anthology The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump, has a tell.  It argues that the mental health professionals in their anthology, in promoting a certain view of the president's behavioral health, are not violating the ethical canons of their profession.  Yet the denial doesn't link to the contested rule – or rather, it links selectively and partially, to a secondary gloss that appears to support the co-editors' position, which is that the mental health contributors to the anti-Trump anthology are righteous rebels against an unreasoning and callous bureaucracy.  Hardly.  The Goldwater rule – to step back – is a provision in the code of ethics of the American Psychiatric Association (APA) prohibiting member-psychiatrists from diagnosing public figures without personally examining them.  It is designed to...(Read Full Article)