So what if the President Trump did use that word?

Who really isn't sick to death of people being ungrateful nitpicks who cannot say thank you for all the benisons bestowed by this president, no matter his alleged blue tongue?  So what if he said one word you don't like?

I have been to Haiti, the poorest of all the nations in this hemisphere.  I have been to El Salvador, a corrupt, ungovernable country with rampant crime and gangs.  I have been to over ten countries in Africa, none of them star performers in the GDP and modern conveniences and mindset sweepstakes.

They are indeed horrible places, where corruption and citizens' fear are the order of the day, where their alleged governments are rife with unloving, greedy, small-minded, and power-lusting so-called leaders.

These are countries whose human products are not, in the main, people we need here – not because they are this shade or that, but because their average standard of skills, education, integrity, and civic virtue is at tremendous variance from what we have for 241 years essayed to raise and keep elevated.

We are not, in the main, uncharitable.  But if your home comfortably seats twenty, if you push the limits of your beds, sofas, carpeting and easy chairs, what happens when an unexpected troupe of fifty more uninvited decide you have a real nice view, and they like your fixin's?

Ever had a party?  The work of the party isn't so much the prep and the cooking and shopping for comestibles and beverages.  The real angst of the party is the clean-up.  The guests rarely stick around for the empties and no-ashtray-won't-stop-their-smoking butts, the wrappers and pizza crusts, or the half-eaten messes on the cake trays.

That's the U.S.  But we aren't a night-and-day party, though the uninvited "guests" keep slavering after our table, sleeping on the new couch covers, using up the toilet tissue, leaving an unidentifiable restroom aroma, and wolfing down the leftovers you'd hoped to serve your spouse the next day.

But even if the president did drop that one word, a word and a concept, I wager, that 99% of regular folks in this country use, though they will deny it strenuously – we are not born yesterday – he was not stating a "racist" sentiment.  He was being factual.  These are abysmal states that create citizens who are not prizes we need here.

Ironically, when I professored in the People's Republic of China, my very best students asked me for letters of recommendation so they could apply to the U.S. for graduate school in their chosen fields.  I was delighted to write these letters.  The whey-faced PRC government, however, had other ideas.  They turned down all applicants: why would China choose to release its foremost scholars and most promising professionals to help the United States?

And why, then, it follows, do we need to import a cadre of the low in terms of skills and smarts, longevity, and overall health to lower our achievement, our life stats, our job numbers?  What sane country does that?  And don't give us those anecdotal tales of one Ph.D. subliming his way into nuclear physics or one earnest striver finishing Johns Hopkins with his specialty of forensic anthropology.

Anecdotes are cute.  They mean close to nothing in the broader picture of overall excellence.  We all know this, even if we're Democrats and learn to elide common sense whenever at all possible.

But no one is stopping these undaunted invaders from many countries.  (OTMs means Other Than Mexicans, a handy capsule reminder that Central and South America are not the sole-source contributors to our festering Hoovervilles of undocumenteds and skill-frees.)

When I taught in China, I had about 1,000 students among the four colleges at which I was privileged to teach.  All of them, all my college students, male and female, wanted to come to live here.

Few people pick up and move to Somalia, or Chad, or Lesotho, or Senegal, or Guyana, or South Sudan.  Or Haiti.  Or El Salvador.  That is because they are painfully unstable, poverty-stricken, often disease-infected, mismanaged and underdeveloped, sorry countries.

It is no shame to acknowledge that.  The president, as this writer says plainly, has benefited this country, and our people, quite significantly.  If you bake a cake and keep adding salt and flour and vanillin, beyond the recipe for successful pound cake, you get not a fabulous dessert, but an inedible weird mess.

The president's actions and results are what counts, not any Durbin-alone-detected finger-in-the-air undaintiness of vocabulary.  The president is not saintly.  We do not need dainty.  With madmen in North Korea and ayatollah Iran and countries to the left and right of the equatorial meridians, we do not worship – or ought not worship – the eloquence-meter of the man.

One notices the talking heads focusing relentlessly on the haphazard vocabulary excrescences of the man, not using rational thought to parse his actions and accomplishments.  There is only a tight focus solely on his casual impromptu blue-collar nuttiness, perhaps, if you believe, which I somehow do not, that he actually said what he is alleged to have said.  It is possible that the loquacious and never reliable Sen. Dick Durbin did make up a thunderclap recap of the private meeting the senators held and interpolated his own nasty anti-Trump alchemy in what he recalled of President Trump's words.  It would not be the first time this sippy-cup mouth has bilged into the public compromised and inaccurate information.

But that the entire media cathedral of caterwaulers should accede to the first-glance interpretation, without considering for a moment that indeed, we have far too many sick, unskilled, ill educated, and sullen non-Americans in this country – when we have no need for further crime, shootings, uninsured car accidents, rabid non-patriots.

Some mouthpieces insist that "some Americans commit crimes."  Of course.  We regret that.  But it is thin gruel that we need to import more of such miscreants.  All are unneeded and unwanted here.  Resident criminals are a scourge; we don't need more.

The Haitians are a group of people who may be lovely personally, but in the aggregate, they are less healthy, less skilled, less everything than we need.  They come with nothing.

We are the sugar daddies-to-be, right?

Capping it all, the Democrats consistently elide answering the key question: shouldn't we provide a mechanism so that day workers can shuttle in then out, so our country is not unreasonably frontloaded?  Why must average taxpayers support, in this damaging and countervailing fashion, the volume of demand by Democrats to elicit a straight Dem party ticket forevermore?

How about swearing all DACA miscreants to a status that will forever forbid these waves of suckerfish from voting?  No votes for any of these interlopers.  Watch the Democrats scream, abandoning interest in the entire universe of DACA noise and pressure.  If they never vote, ever, they can stay, we could decree.

If they can never vote, the truth of "caring and sympathetic Dems" will be revealed.  They won't give a hoot for these "innocent people just seeking a better life for themselves."