Scorning the Left

Have you ever been laughed at publicly?  Mocked?  Ridiculed?  Shown scorn in a social or professional setting?

It doesn't matter what the reason may have been – if you answered yes to any of the above questions, you didn't enjoy it one bit.  It doesn't matter if it was justified or not, and it's doubtful that you would agree that it was justified if you were on the receiving end.  Regardless, it was not in any way pleasant if you were the butt of the laughter, the mocking, the ridicule, the scorn.

In today's culture, these weapons have become something gleefully utilized by the left.  It is standard practice.  We on the right then dutifully recoil from engaging in such vulgarity – "oh, the humanity" – condemning it as mean, insensitive, callous, or sinking to "their" level.

It's time for this to change.   

Daily we see public articles, tweets, interviews, blog posts, etc., etc., even entire television shows laughing, mocking, ridiculing, and scorning conservatives.  They reach vast audiences of low-information, unengaged, and poorly educated masses, who then vote accordingly.  Conservatives tend to react privately with other conservatives (and only other conservatives), and generally with incredulity, anger, embarrassment, and paralysis (in that order) – and that's all.

We conservatives, for too long, have been so cowed by such affronts that we have remained silent.  We have inadvertently given our antagonists a massive weapon against us, used effectively and often.  A plethora of things are said daily by the left that are so over the top, so disconnected from reality, so insane that they deserve intense ridicule.  But we on the right too often try to use logic, reason, and truth to counter the left, if we're not too busy remaining silent, when what we should be doing is engaging in a hearty laugh, and nothing else.   

Ridicule has immense power.  Saul Alinsky knew it and codified it in his Rules for Radicals.  President Trump clearly knows it and utilizes ridicule often, with great efficacy.  We on the right need to relearn this fine art.  If we used this weapon as effectively as the left does, we could pull this country back onto the right track far faster than President Trump can do it on his own.

I find myself inwardly guffawing at the insanity of the left many times every day.  You probably do, too.  There is a lefty in my town who gets shut down on a regular basis because of the ridicule showered on him by the rest of us.  We like him, and we don't try to stop his inane comments.  No.  We laugh at him.  Ridicule works.

Laugh, mock, ridicule, and shower scorn upon these insane lefties.  We know that reason won't work.  We know that results won't work.  (Obama takes responsibility for the Trump economy, for instance, and leftists sincerely buy into that garbage.)  Ah, but laughter, now – that will take down many an ardent lefty.  Mockery shall make for mindless raving from our deluded brethren.  Ridicule can bring forth a frothing rage, and scorn...well, scorn is soul-rending stuff, even for those who profess to have no soul.

They will stomp their feet and call us bullies.  They will bray about our insensitivity and rail against our heartlessness.  They will don their pussy hats and pajamas and march for...something.  They will project upon us every pathology they themselves possess and pretend it is we who are the crazy ones.  We'll keep on laughing.  Most sane people will side with conservatives, because crazy isn't what most average people want.  Eventually, the lefties will slink away, tails between their legs, because there is no real response to ridicule other than ridicule.  We should know; we've been slinking away in the face of mockery for decades.  We have not fought back with the same weapon.  We have been content to "bring a knife to a gunfight."

Until President Trump.  Whether you know it or not, his controversial tweets are really a license – a license to do to them exactly what they've done to us.  Don't believe in global warming?  You are laughed at as a science-denier.  Don't think a man can become a woman, or a woman a man?  You are mocked as a transphobe.  Think mass unvetted immigration is an invasion, legal or not?  You are ridiculed as a xenophobe, a white supremacist nationalist, a Nazi, for nothing more than pride of country.  Think it's okay to be white?  You are scorned as a bigot.  And it works.

Ask yourself if you'd be comfortable standing up at work and announcing that man-made climate change is a scam; that you will never call Bruce Jenner "Caitlyn"; that we should build the wall and stop all immigration for at least a decade; or that yes, it's okay to be white (especially if you aren't).  If you answered no, then you have been laughed at, mocked, ridiculed, and scorned into silence.  And yes, such a move could very well cost you a job, a friendship, even a close relationship.  But these tactics work, and if we can find the courage of our convictions, we need to start using these supremely effective tools.   

Scorn, after all, should be a two-way street.  The left richly deserves, and regularly invites, mockery.  Let's oblige.  Ridicule is so easy under the circumstances as to be...well, laughable.  Let the laughter begin!