Real Americans vs. Our Effete Elites

America was founded to be free and democratic -- unlike England with its monarchy and rigid class system. While classes will always be with us, only in America is class mobility possible and likely. Over our two-hundred and forty-two years, millions of people have become successful because they were not bound to the economic plight to which they might have been born. Americans do not care about the state of one's birth. They revere hard work, invention, imagination, and success. Success, to most Americans does not necessarily connote great wealth. In this country it means having a work ethic, work that one is good at, satisfaction in that work, providing for one's family and the contentment, a form of wealth to be sure, that derives from all of the above.

Somewhere over the last few days a wise person wrote that "if only the rich and powerful could grasp the notion that the rest of the citizenry does not envy them," does not wish to live in their mansions, to drive their cars, or to send their children to the prestigious private schools to which they send their children. If our wealthy elites could get over their superiority complex and accept that most of us do not envy them, they might be better citizens, more respectful of the rest of us, better leaders. Illustrious schools may give those children of the rich and powerful a leg up but they do not guarantee happiness, kindness to others, or generosity of spirit. Their inherited wealth does not guarantee they will be good spouses or parents. It is more likely that the children of the very rich often lack the character of their ancestors who actually worked very hard to make the money on which they live so well today.

Those children of the very wealthy who are sent off to expensive boarding schools, to the Ivy Leagues, do not necessarily lead happy lives. Much is expected of such inheritors of wealth and privilege; they must be as successful as their elders, productive in the name of the family. They must belong to the right clubs, dine at the right restaurants, shop at the right couture shops, hire the right caterers, see the right plays, etc. Think Frasier! Their kids must be accepted to the right pre-school, let alone the right private elementary and high school. Their kids are pawns in an ugly, cutthroat game of parental bragging rights.

To our millions of self-made successes, kudos, but it still does not make you better than other Americans even if it does make you wealthier. The comical aspect of our current political spectrum is that the not-rich progressive leftists are extremely envious of the very rich. They are angry that they exist. They resent their good fortune. These were the Bernie Sanders supporters; Bernie did a good job of filling them with rage against the undeserving rich, socialist that he is. Obama's and Hillary's supporters were the virtue-signaling left, often rich themselves but generally ignorant of history and the actual policies of the right, the ones that aim to engender self-reliance and smaller government, the policies that would truly empower minorities rather than make them dependent. Those folks are all about big government, entitlements, mandates, and control of the masses that they disdain.

Most Americans could not care less about the shallow pursuits of the one percent. They want to live their lives, raise their kids to be good citizens, enjoy their sports, their faiths, their hobbies, and varied pursuits and to be left alone by the government. They do not want the state or federal government to mandate that their kids need to know about homosexuality and transgenderism in kindergarten or that males can use the girls' bathroom if he/she feels like it. This is not the stuff of the American heartland which is why those Americans are so hated by the elite denizens of the beltway and the left coast. Those oh-so-elegant folks wallow in their misery at having to abide "normals." But it is the normals who corner the market on common sense, real diversity and actual grace. There is nothing of grace among the anti-Constitution leftists.

These people, our supposed betters who wield power and are able to influence how the rest of us live, very truly believe they are superior beings. Only they have the correct opinions. Only they go the right schools, read the correct publications and websites. One only has to read James Damore's complaint against Google to see how narcissistically arrogant the tech left has become. Read Melinda Byerley's tweets that express her contempt for Americans unlike herself. Listen to Hillary's speech about Trump supporters as deplorables. That is what they believe.

The left these days is vicious and intolerant. Leftists no longer even pretend to condone diverse or opposing opinions. They are demonstrating bad behavior all over the nation with their silly marches. Conservatives were horrified at what Obama did to this country over his eight years but we did not act out like banshees in the streets. Our left has surpassed Saul Alinsky's tactics in their campaign to destroy those whom they oppose. That would be anyone with a differing thought. Consider the campaigns to prevent conservative speakers from appearing at any university and the offer of counseling if one is allowed to speak.

The American left today is fascist. They intend to dictate to every citizen what they can say, do or think. And they are indoctrinating our young people, our elementary through university students, with their radical intolerance. College students no longer learn about the horrors of communism and fascism, both products of the far left. No, they are being trained to be mind-numbed, doctrinaire leftists. They learn to renounce their country, our Constitution, to abhor themselves if white, to see themselves as a victim and so superior if black, Hispanic, etc. To be a minority in America is to be privileged in one sense. Unless one is Asian! Asians are not victims because they value education and succeed in record numbers. They are discriminated against for being successful.

Victimhood is a status symbol on American campuses. Gov. Andrew Cuomo of NY wants to give all illegals free college tuition! While native-born students are condemned to usurious student loans or no college? Why is the entire country not sick to death of the left's prioritizing illegal immigrants over our citizens? It is so obviously all about votes. If these immigrants were going to be voting Republican, the border would have been sealed up long ago. Make no mistake, this is all about importing Democrat voters. The less educated, the more dependent on U.S. government, the better. They will vote democrat. That is how racist the left is; import millions of third-world immigrants whom we can use and abuse.

The American left today is racist. They have always assumed the inferiority of minorities which is why they court them as dupes and dupes too many have been for decades. Not until Trump was elected has the black unemployment dropped to its lowest level ever recorded. If only professors of history would teach Malcolm X! He realized, after traveling in the Middle East, that "tribes" hang together. Not by color, but by family, friends, and neighbors. This revelation, once he returned to America, got him killed. The Nation of Islam did not want anyone here to accept the truth of Malcolm X's epiphany: racism is contrivance, a sham invented by the left to disempower African Americans. Convince them they are inferior, that that they need to be taken care of by the government and the democrats will remain in power forever! Being the racists they are, projection came easy. It has always been the left that assumes African-Americans need a leg up. It is conservatives who have always embraced MLK's dictate about the content of character. The left is all about skin color; to the right skin color is irrelevant.

The entrenched members of the D.C. establishment, left and right, inhabit a rarefied world the rest of us cannot imagine. There is no right or wrong, good or bad, moral or immoral. There is only "how do I keep my cushy job?" There are of course exceptions to this rule but not nearly enough of them. For the most part they are an arrogant, supercilious bunch of folks. And because they believe they are entitled to a unique status, so are their children, siblings, and distant relatives, etc. That is who our ambassadors are, who our lobbyists are. That Trump is upending "how things are done in D.C." is an earthquake. How dare he buck the system? Trump has indeed challenged the system. And he is winning. He is draining the swamp, little by little, criminal by criminal.

The revealed corruption of the FBI and DOJ is tragic and largely the responsibility of the Clintons and Obama. Obama built upon, took his cues from the Clintons, the most corrupt family ever to wield political power in America. Astonishingly, no one of the left seems to care about how criminal the Obama administration was or how unscrupulous the Clintons have always been. They are fighting the release of the "memo" prepared by Republicans on the Intelligence Committee! There can be no transparency when their ox is being gored! Their disdain for Constitutional ethics is telling. No one on the left seems to care about the horrific abuse of power that occurred under Obama. He effectively turned our law enforcement agencies into a Stasi that spies on its own citizens.

To be sure, there are many wealthy and privileged Americans who are selfless and spend their lives doing good work for their country and for those in need, but they are the quiet ones. It is the noisy anti-Trumpers that are fit to be tied. Trump has indeed upset the apple cart of the D.C. elites. Their bad habits are being exposed, their entitlement mindset, their right to premium healthcare they deny to others, their sense that they are above the law (clearly they are), their belief that only their opinions on all things are "correct." The Democrats are no longer liberal, they are radical and anti-democratic. This incarnation of the progressive left prioritizes illegal immigrants, including MS-13 gang members, over American citizens. They value the rights of gays and transgendered persons over all other Americans. They abandoned working class Americans in favor of racial minorities in the 2016 election, which is why they lost. They enforce equality by dumbing down education across the board. Equality of opportunity be damned.

Education is where the elites do have an unfair advantage. Their privileged kids do read great literature, learn higher math and actual science. Every one of them knows that man-made global warming is a hoax but they perpetrate it still because they think it will scare "the people" into compliance. They still travel all over the world in private jets. The "people" are less likely to drive the SUVs the elites take for granted, the big ones. The "people" will conserve water, recycle, embrace all the diversity in their communities, etc. unlike our beltway betters. The very rich do none of those things because they are special. The people do not envy them one bit; they sometimes pity them. And it is "the people" who made America great.

“Feelings of superiority always stem from an illusion.”
Marty Rubin