Planned Parenthood Sells Hormone Poisoning, Genital Mutilation with Dangerous Lies

Planned Parenthood is cornering the artificial resexuation market by lying to young people, many of whom are mentally disordered, about the facts of sex and sexuality, and by selling unsound medical treatment to them.

Artificial resexuation, mislabeled "gender transition," is a logical next step for PP's business model.  It is offered in about sixty "clinics."

Planned parenthood has always been in the anti-medical care business.  Abortion on demand is the opposite of medical treatment.  It causes a medical catastrophe – the loss of a healthy fetus from a healthy womb – due to psychological motives.  Artificial resexuation through manipulation with animal and synthetic hormones and surgeries is also the opposite of medical care.  It is the imposition of endocrinological disorder and physical malformation on a healthy body, also for psychological motives.

People who are suffering sex identity disorders or feel depressed, confused, hopeless, and want to believe that the problem is their body and not their mind, are understandably vulnerable to PP's propaganda.  The tax-funded agency is exploiting the perverse heroicism associated with simply claiming sexual minority status.  When accredited victimhood is the new nobility, the jobless youth whose greatest achievement was coming out as "gay" can move up in status by ascending to "trans."

Planned Parenthood's marketing is based on two genres of falsity: 1) the chicanery called gender theory and 2) denial of the limitations and dangers of artificial resexuation.  Gender theory is political fanaticism dispensed as psychobabble by the vast left-wing conspiracy.  There are no genders, only two sexes, and it is not possible to change sex.

The following quotes are taken from the Planned Parenthood Raleigh, North Carolina Health Center website, What do I need to know about trans health care?  (It helpfully reminds that payment is expected at the time of services.)

The website appears to be targeting adolescents.  Planned Parenthood uses "informed consent" for medical services.  An 18-year-old with a credit card can self-refer to begin artificial resexuation.  Since PP is in obdurate denial about the risks and limitations of artificial resexuation, a purple-haired, profusely tattooed, phytoestrogen-drenched, and truth-starved 19-year-old has little chance of understanding what he is getting into.  The website refers to knowledge and facts.  You decide. 

From the website:

PP: What are the differences between [sic] sex, gender[,] and gender identity?  Sex is a label – male or female – that you're assigned by a doctor at birth based on the genitals you're born with[.]

This is not knowledge; it is idiocy.  Sex is genetically determined at conception and remains the most fundamental, immutable biological and psychological categorization of human beings throughout the lifespan.  Sex is not a label tacked onto babies according to how they look at birth.  The sex of many babies is known before birth.  The subtext of this nonsense is that your sex is picked after you're born by some biased cis-hetero doctor.

PP: The assigned sex label that you're given at birth is based on medical factors, including your hormones, chromosomes, and genitals.

Moronic.  Chromosomes are not a "medical factor."  They are the fundamental biological determinants of every living organism on the planet.

PP: Instead of saying "biological sex," some people use the phrase "assigned male at birth" or "assigned female at birth."

Yes, some people might – if they're insane.

PP: What is gender? ... Gender is much bigger and more complicated than assigned sex.

How much "bigger" is gender than sex?  Twice as big?  Three times?

PP: Gender includes gender roles[,] which are expectations society and people have about behaviors, thoughts, and characteristics that go along with a person's assigned sex.

Big fat lie. G ender theory is a political hoax cooked up by lesbian academics in the 1980s because they tired of saying there's no difference between the two sexes and started saying there's no such thing as two sexes at all.  It is ignorant to apply the term "gender" to any aspect of human nature, consciousness, or behavior.  Real scientists don't need it.  Every human being is unique, a one-of-a-kind item in all creation.  Being male or female doesn't diminish infinite individuality; it enriches it.  There are maleness and femaleness – no genderness.  Masculinity and femininity – no genderinity.  Manhood, womanhood, boyhood, girlhood – no genderhood. 

It is vast dehumanization to reduce the joys and challenges of manhood and womanhood to mere social expectations.  Planned Parenthood is taking ignorance to a new level by misleading vulnerable young people to believe they can experience the happiness and purposes of the opposite sex through "transition."  To be father or mother, husband or wife is a fruit of the soul.  Planned Parenthood is in the business of destroying those gifts.

PP: What is gender identity? ... Your gender identity is how you feel inside and how you express those feelings.

Nonsense.  There is no such thing as "inside" or "outside."  The sex of an individual is continually expressed, recognized, and respected in a humane environment.  No one is perfectly masculine or feminine.  Celebrating one's own unique pattern of talents and preferences is the highest gift of being American.

PP: A transgender person can be gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, just like someone who is cisgender.

The prospective traveler on the magic carpet of transition can choose from PP's catalog of "gender nonconforming" identities: MTF (male to female), FTM (female to male), genderfluid, genderqueer, intersex, pansexual, asexual, gray-a, demisexual, gender questioning, gender curious.  Planned parenthood reassures: "Once you claim a label, there's no reason it can't change as you change. Changing how you identify doesn't mean you're confused."

Confused?  Certainly not!  Such crystalline wisdom confusing?

Identity pandemonium is dangerous.  Most young people are confused about something.  Sex identity disturbance is profound confusion about basic needs and the essential assumptions that enable human connection.  Constantly changing identity labels is a roadmap to despair.

The term "artificial" is used in medicine when synthetic anatomical parts or processes are substituted for natural ones.  When a doctor refers a couple for artificial insemination, he doesn't say, "We're going to transition you into pregnancy."  "Artificial resexuation" is a more honest term than "transition" for treatments to simulate secondary characteristics of the opposite sex.  Planned Parenthood touts "trans care" provided by qualified doctors and nurses.  Ethical medical practitioners don't offer a menu of dangerous treatments to patients without hard facts about benefit-to-risk outcomes.

Planned Parenthood claims that it offers hormone replacement therapy (HRT).  Wrong.  HRT is indicated when natural hormones are lacking.  Planned Parenthood provides unnatural hormones and hormone-blockers with unpredictable effects and dangerous side-effects.  Planned Parenthood's website tempts the unwary with eleven plastic and reproductive organ surgeries, assuring readers: "Regardless of whether a transgender person chooses to [medically] transition [sic] ... they're [sic] no more 'real' than other trans people[.] ... Someone's gender identity must always be respected."  Telling people they have a right to be respected as members of the opposite sex regardless of their body is inhumane medical malpractice.

Mental order is achieved when interacting elements of mind function in harmony.  Disorder arises when there is disharmony within mental processes.  All disturbance in sex identification is a mental disorder that deserves compassionate, keenly individualized care.  Transsexuality is a rare disorder for which the political construct of gender is irrelevant.  People compelled to live in replication of imaginings of the opposite sex must not take that step; they will never belong to the arrogated sex.  Such people are being exploited by being subsumed into the "LGBT" devastation.

Here is a simply written script for medical malpractice attorneys: "If you or a loved one became depressed or a loved one committed suicide after receiving 'gender transition services' at Planned Parenthood, call us."

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