NYT Women Demand Return to Patriarchy

Since time immemorial, men have wondered What Women Want.  But we ask the wrong question.  The question is not what women want; it is what they expect.  The fundamental thing about women is that they expect to be protected.  They had a cute little excursion in the 20th century, imagining themselves as "independent women" in the manner of Second Sex Simone de Beauvoir.  And they demanded that we hear them roar. But now that is all over.  What Women Want, What Women Expect, is protection. It is also what they need.  Go read A Woman in Berlin by Anonymous, the story of what happened to German women in 1945 when the conqueror's soldiers come into town and the men were absent.  If the men are absent, then the women lack protection and must submit to the conquerors, hoping against hope to become the creature of an educated officer rather than an uncouth peasant. Today, of course, the message of the Gender...(Read Full Article)