Martin Luther King Believed in the Civil Rights of the Unborn

In a week bookended by Martin Luther King Day and the 45th Annual March for Life, few liberals would see the connection between the two.  Yet as King's niece, Alveda King, points out, were he alive today, Martin Luther King would lead the March for Life and fight for the civil rights of the unborn. Martin Luther King would be leading the charge for the repeal of the wrongly decided Roe V. Wade, a decision no more rooted in moral law than was the Dred Scott decision.  Whether defined as three fifths of a human being or not a human being at all, all are fully human in the eyes of the Creator, who endowed all with the inalienable right to life.  The Supreme Court occasionally gets things wrong, and in both these cases, it did.  As his niece notes, Martin Luther King, Jr. would say that not only do black lives matter, but all lives matter and that unborn lives matter: Alveda King, director of [c]ivil [r]ights for the...(Read Full Article)