Leftists and Islamists: Strange Bedfellows

It cannot be repeated enough that the Marxist-anarchist radical left Antifa and Islamic jihadists have joined forces to destroy Western civilization.  Known as the Red-Green Axis, this unlikely alliance of leftists with Islamic groups is actually a means to an end by Islamists.

Inexplicably, left-wing forces do not comprehend that they are merely one of the tools by which Islamists wish to impose a global caliphate.  In his searing documentary Killing Europe, producer Michael Hansen makes the following cogent points.

The Islamic jihadists have found willing partners in the left for a number of reasons.

  • Particularly in Europe, the left's traditional voting bloc was the workers or proletariat.  But as communism produced only mass misery and the deaths of millions, those who had invested 20-30 years in left-wing ideology soon found themselves without an identity once the proletariat saw the true nature of communism.
  • Enter Muslim refugees, and the left now sees a new voting base.  The fact that these migrants come from a culture completely at odds with the West does not faze the left, since leftists have never accepted historical facts and, even more telling, now tout a multicultural paradise, notwithstanding the irrevocable differences that an Islamic religious-based system contains.  In essence, the left has found a new base to promote its own identity.
  • That sharia law permits the stoning of gays, endorses gender apartheid, and advocates rape and murder of the infidel seems not to have registered in the leftist mind.  Although the left abhors religion, leftists cannot fathom that their reliance on Islamist partners will not end well.  This was borne out when the communists and Islamists joined to overturn the shah of Iran; the Islamic fundamentalists took the reins, eliminated the communists, and imposed draconian sharia law to maintain control.

As Ayn Rand wrote, "[r]eason is not automatic.  Those who deny it cannot be conquered by it."  But as Kevin J. Johnston at Freedom Report explains, we need to be informed and realize that what is occurring is not to be denied even when political leaders reject the facts.

How, indeed, can a secularist or atheist even consider siding with a religiously mandated system that absolutely abhors secularism and atheism?  How can leftists who are ostensibly concerned with women's rights and gay liberation partner with a system that mandates the murder of gays and the dehumanization and killing of women?

What both groups agree upon is a totalitarian society and censorship of ideas that would expose them.  Political correctness hides their deeds.  For example:

  • The so-called Syrian refugees who come to Denmark actually return to their homeland for holiday vacations.  Hansen interviews airline agents who confirm that there is a "peak season to Iraq."  So much for the dangerous conditions for these so-called refugees.
  • What better way to economically cripple the West than with phony refugee claims?  The number of migrants claiming German welfare benefits soared by 169 percent in 2015.
  • Syrian women who did not come to Europe are left behind to fend for themselves and their children.  Syrian women complain about their abandonment while Syrian men stay in Germany.
  • In 2015, 73% of the migrants were males, resulting in a gender imbalance in Europe often leading to rape by "men of foreign origin."
  • Although Islam forbids the drinking of alcohol, many Muslim refugees are seen walking around railroad stations with bottles of liquor.
  • Religiously sanctioned gender discrimination is the new norm in Europe.

Much like American mainstream news, European media collude with European leaders and do not report the truth about the onslaught of Muslim refugees.  The editor-in-chief of the Bild Tanit Koch asserts that "the Press Council believes that editorial offices in Germany should ultimately treat their readers like children by depriving them of relevant information."

Hansen interviews journalists and asks them why there was no coverage of the Cologne rapes during New Year's Eve 2016.  The responses ranged from "it is often forgotten that there was a suspected terror attack on Munich" to "it's very complicated – since many journalists were on holiday."  When asked if a perpetuator's identity should be cited in the news, one journalist responds, "[I]t depends."  Thus, efforts by the government to suppress the nature and perpetrators of these attacks receive the blessing of the press.  Why is this important to expose?  Because women need to know that the chance of rape is high among the Muslim male population, whose members have been educated to believe that unveiled women should be raped.

Confirming Hansen's findings, the Daily Mail reports that "German authorities have been critici[z]ed for waiting almost six months to release pictures of a group of sex attackers – which immediately led to four arrests."  And "[d]espite the severity of the crime and the thugs being clearly visible on CCTV cameras, the German police did not publish their pictures, with a police chief blaming strict privacy laws."

Moreover, "[s]uspects in Germany, even those accused of murder, are identified only by their first name[s] and the first letter[s] of their surname[s] because of the country's strict privacy laws."  Finally, official German government figures have been revealed that show that "the huge 92% increase in crime and violence in Germany is the direct result of the massive invasion of Muslims pretending to be refugees."

A report titled the "Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation in Rotherham (1997-2013)" by Alexis Jay showcases one of the most chilling aspects of Hansen's documentary.  It is a "scandal involving rape, ethnicity, religion, and the willful failure of Britain's public authorities to protect thousands of girls from horrific exploitation."  It took fifteen years to attract the attention of the British political class.  In fact, the "delay was due to a toxic combination of pathologies on the part of the authorities and the British media.  And it all boiled down to a deliberate and even bizarrely principled refusal to speak the truth, no matter the consequences to the innocent."

Hansen interviewed victims and relatives and was stunned to discover that one child had 36-42 samples of sperm on her.  Let that sickening fact sink in.

The rapists and traffickers were of Pakistani heritage.  Yet the British police state that "nothing can be done" to charge all of the rapists because then "we'll be seen as racists."  The report states that "the difficult[y] that prevent[s] this issue being dealt with effectively is the ethnicity of the main perpetrators."  Additionally, "the police dared not act against Asian youths for fear of allegations of racism."  Notice the euphemistic use of the word "Asian."

And then there is the Muslim British woman who sought relief from her husband's ongoing violence.  Ignored by the police until she "was strangled by steel wire" and "kicked and stomped on her neck to get [her] soul out," she is another victim of multicultural tolerance.

The European Union and the mainstream media in Europe want to shut down alternative media and censor the internet.  In September 2015, Angela Merkel was caught on a hot mic talking to Mark Zuckerberg concerning censoring people on Facebook about issues she deems "inappropriate."  

One is reminded of Obama's "Justice Department warning against social media spread[ing] information considered offensive to Muslims."  As a die-hard leftist and Muslim sympathizer, Obama had the DOJ working "in earnest to impose Islamic law on American First Amendment rights" (Pamela Geller, Fatwa: Hunted in America, 57).  Then there is the current DNC deputy chair, Muslim Brotherhood congressman Keith Ellison, who endorses the violent leftist Antifa group.

In The Red-Green Axis: Refugees, Immigration and the Agenda to Erase America, author James Simpson describes how lifelong communist Angela Davis celebrates how "the refugee movement is the movement of the 21st [c]entury" as migrants "expect government to ... provide better food, health[ ]care[,] and housing[.]"  This kind of thinking, asserts Simpson, "is already poisoning our body politic" and must be strongly resisted.

Nonetheless, Zuckerberg hired 3,000 people to form "Community Operation Teams" to remove so-called hate speech on Facebook.  Moreover, Merkel, who was brought up in communist East Germany, has hired a female former Stasi agent to fight "fake news."  

Consequently, "the European Union [E.U.] announced a new online speech code to be enforced by four major tech companies, including Facebook and YouTube."  Facebook deleted the account of Ingrid Carlqvist after she "posted [her] latest video to her Facebook feed – called 'Sweden's Migrant Rape Epidemic.'"

The "Swedish government is now officially questioning free speech.  A government agency has declared so-called Swedish 'new media' – news outlets that refuse to subscribe to the politically correct orthodoxies of the mainstream media – a possible threat to democracy."  The government maintains that "the new media ... stretch the limits of free speech."  Thus, Sweden accepts "Islamic intolerance to an astounding degree."

The poison of censorship has also found refuge in Canada.  Hansen was stopped at the Canadian border and given a difficult time about his documentary.  Moreover, the Ottawa Public Library canceled the screening of Killing Europe and deemed its content not suitable for Canadians.  How ironic.

Thus, the truth is now labeled hate speech.

Everything that occurs in Europe will occur in the United States if we do not maintain intense vigilance.  We already are privy to "condescension, smears, charges about being racists[,] and thinly veiled threats that truth speech about Islam could be prosecuted" (Geller 58).  And sadly, mainstream media coverage is "deceptive and typically mendacious."

As Hansen points out, being submissive and trying to avoid violence does not result in Islamists backing down.  They have been inculcated with the belief that it "is imperative for them to be dominant."  Hence, they beat up German children and "kick them for fun."  One such child was beaten to a pulp for putting pork on his pizza.  The "dominance crimes of the Muslims are aimed at establishing or demonstrating [their] superiority."

What future do children have if adults cannot protect them?  While President Trump was excoriated for his comments about Swedish no-go zones, they are a fact of life for Swedes.  Chris Tomlinson writes that "Swedish [c]hief [p]rosecutor Lise Tamm has claimed that the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby is like 'a war zone.'"  Moreover, nearby areas like Husby and Tensta are some of the "worst no-go zones in Sweden, along with certain areas of the city of Malmö."  These areas are euphemistically known as "particularly vulnerable areas."

It behooves everyone to watch Killing Europe.  What Michael Hansen, a Danish expatriate, found was worse than what he had imagined.  It is a clarion call to all who despise the Islamic jihadists and their handmaidens, the leftists, who seek to destroy our way of life.

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