It Would Be Cheaper and More Efficient if the MSM Just Reprinted Old Material about Reagan

If you want to see how things haven't changed in the last three and a half decades, just read what the New York Times wrote about President Ronald Reagan.  They are essentially pulling the same story out to write about President Donald Trump. From the beginning of his [p]residency, Mr. Reagan and his aides have understood and exploited what they acknowledge to be the built[] in tendency of television to emphasize appearances and impressions more than information.  Central to the [p]resident's overall strategy has been his unusual ability to deal with television and print reporters on his own terms – to decide when, where[,] and how he will engage them.  In short, the art of controlled access. Under that broad definition, even [p]residents who have disliked and distrusted the press have met with reporters on a fairly regular basis and given spirited, detailed answers to their questions.  Mr. Reagan has been an...(Read Full Article)