Hot for Students

Have you noticed the alarming incidence of female teachers sexually molesting students?  There have been an increasing number of stories on these disturbing crimes for years.  Staring at the mug shots of otherwise normal-looking women, I ask myself, what would cause them to engage in such hideous behavior, and from such a trusted position?

Just to be sure I am not being deceived by Hollywood media sensationalizing a few events, I clicked on the "Crime" link at and paged through many dozens of related stories, most of them involving men.  However, in just a few minutes, I had collected links to 55 stories involving female teachers.  From the dates shown in the links, that's only about five months' reporting!

The female perps range in age from early twenties to early fifties.  These are college-educated women, not a batch of street-raised prostitutes.  They taught everything from gym to mathematics, earned a salary, and paid taxes, many with husbands and children of their own.

Why wouldn't these women hit on their students?  After all, that's what they did when they were in public school.  They hopped from bed to bed, boyfriend to boyfriend, with little thought of the consequences.  And with California morals.  That is, zero moral character.

Each of these women had extensive sexual experience with teen boys when she herself was a teen.  There was no moral barrier to this behavior then, and apparently not now.  This is their normal, sexually.  Surely, they know, mentally and legally, that the kids are hands-off, but when hormones take over, rationality loses.

These women likely never paused their sexploits after high school, continuing their romps through college, and likely with multiple partners in the workplace and beyond before being apprehended by law enforcement.

I'm a little older than the oldest accused molester.  When I was in junior high school (at the front end of the sexual revolution), there was one 30-something teacher who acted and dressed a bit slutty, and all the ninth-grade boys noticed.  In fact, rumor had it that she was dating a tenth-grader at the high school.  We heard of wild parties that she and another female teacher threw at their apartment complex near my home.  We all knew what was in that woman's heart, and just talking to her in class gave me a creepy feeling.

That was one isolated incident from eleven years of public education (I forced my way out early) with perhaps a hundred teachers.  Is this now happening all across our country?  Or is it just being more completely reported?  Is there a predator skank in every school?  When my wife and I put our children in public school, we worried about male predators, but we were apparently ignoring another threat entirely.

We trust women, and their maternal instincts, to protect, nurture, and encourage.  It's that instinct that drives many of them to teach.  Now that some small fraction are acting out sexual predator roles, how do we tell which is which, especially when some predators are also mothers and wives?  Perhaps there is a kind of Jekyll and Hyde thing going on here.  Protection and predation in one pretty package?

Conservatives would use a Bible verse to explain this neatly: Galatians 6:7, "Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked.  A man reaps what he sows."  By ignoring or attempting to negate the principle of sowing and reaping through the sexual revolution, we have obviously been deceived.  We have been told that viewing porn is a private activity and does not affect public behavior, discounting its connection to rape and other sex crimes, whose perpetrators fill our prisons.  We have been told  that the aborted baby is just a fetus, just a tissue mass, ignoring the desensitization of our mothers to personally harming a child.  We have been told that lies (especially about sex) are therapeutic and even cathartic, and we have set up a whole internet industry catering to adulterers.  We have been told that we control the consequences in every situation, independent of our actions.

And now our revolutionary attitude, "it's just sex," has turned the old Van Halen tune, "Hot for Teacher," inside-out.

Christians tell us that in the absence of God, there can be no morality, and whatever poses as morality is actually relativism in drag.  We become our own moral reference, which changes with the time of day and cultural wind.  Our whole society has deceived itself, has attempted to mock God by denying the law of sowing and reaping, and now some of our female schoolteachers are having sex with our sons.

Liberalism is not just a flawed political and economic philosophy.  It is evil to the core.  Look at 59,000,000 (that's fifty-nine million) dead babies.  Hollywood is not a moviemaking venture that has a few sexual predators in the back office.  No, it is evil to the core.  Rapist Harvey Weinstein equals Hollywood, through and through, plus a million just like him.  In Hollywood, you are a sexual predator, a sexual victim, or an enabler.  Winfrey and Streep are just as much leaders of the rape culture as Weinstein and Clinton.  There is no silver lining.

Washington, D.C. will not be fixed by "electing the right people."  No, it is evil to the core.  Rapist Bill Clinton equals Washington, D.C., through and through, plus a million just like him. 

Teacher-student sex romps – now in Wisconsin!  If this perversion were confined to the coasts, at least we could relocate.  But now it's affecting flyover country.  This is serious.

And what is the word from California?  "Nope, nothing wrong with our morality.  Nope.  Not a thing.  Nothing to see here.  Move along."

When my first daughter was born, a friend told me, "If you have a son, you only have to worry about one penis.  If you have a daughter, you have to worry about a thousand."  I suppose the "thousand" part now applies to male and female anatomy equally.  Thank you, California.

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