Groomed for Paradise or WWIII? The Race for the Red Sea

While many consider Jerusalem the center of the world, the Red Sea might easily claim the title for second place, as countries from around the world are stumbling over each other to gain (or regain) a foothold on the historic waterway.  As we look at recent developments, the question becomes, "are the super-rich going to have one hell of a time partying up and down the sun-baked Red Sea coastline and bathing in the turquoise sea, or will they instead have a front row seat to a treacherous waterway that seems to be bubbling and building up enough pressure to facilitate WWIII?" Let us review the players in this play – a play whose ending has yet to be written. The United States has increased its presence there after an onslaught of attacks on U.S. warships in October 2016.  Coming from the Yemeni coastline, the attacks on the warships as well as other shipping vessels in the Bab el-Mandeb strait (which connects the Gulf...(Read Full Article)