Fusion GPS Gets a Rude Awakening

Note to Fusion GPS: If you're going to mouth off to the media and ignore the public record, you'd better be prepared to have your confidential documents subpoenaed. That's the takeaway from last week's ruling by Judge Richard J. Leon, district court judge from the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, denying Fusion GPS's request for a preliminary injunction against TD Bank.  The injunction would have stopped the bank from complying with a subpoena for bank documents served by the House Intelligence Committee relating to the oppo research firm's financial transactions with media and political clients from the period coinciding with its retention of Christopher Steele to compile the Russian dossier.  The judge rejected the firm's arguments, in no small part because grandstanding by its principals and by prominent Democrats directly contradicted the firm's claims to be a victim of First Amendment and due...(Read Full Article)