DACA: What is Trump doing?

Last Thursday afternoon, President Trump presented the outlines of his proposed "deal" on DACA. It offers full amnesty with a path to citizenship for 1.8 million DACA eligible illegal aliens. In so doing he demoralized the huge base of support that carried him into office specifically because he promised to swiftly end DACA, and simultaneously cut off at the knees ongoing efforts to push back against amnesty for illegal aliens. On Saturday Neil Munro authored an article based on a pre-release copy of the full Trump plan obtained by Breitbart News, which has provoked an outraged uproar. It details numerous other proposals that make a mockery of Trump's promise to secure the border. As Ted Cruz so accurately said, the president is betraying the greatest single promise he made to voters.

Democrats, meanwhile, flatly rejected the entire package. Senator Dick Durbin said "Dreamers should not be held hostage to President Trump's crusade to tear families apart and waste billions of American tax dollars on an ineffective wall." Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer improbably called it a " wish list that anti-immigration hard-liners have advocated for years."

Really, Dick? Really, Chuck? Really? So what is going on here?

The Democrats have pocketed Trump's offer of 1.8 million DACA as a negotiating starting point, but rejected everything else. They really just want to pillory Trump and the GOP over this issue from now until election day, and their hands-down rejection of Trump's offer proves it. They believe it is a winning strategy, especially in the U.S. House, where the GOP must defend 24 seats to maintain a majority. Many of those seats are in marginally Republican districts, where a solution to DACA would play well for the GOP, especially among liberal Republicans. The Senate is safer but not out of reach, according to some GOP strategists.

Schumer is currently being savaged by the Left for caving on the Schumer Shutdown, but that is simply theatrics that give him the pretext to stonewall -- something he intended to do all along. Never take this kind of leftwing cannibalism seriously. It is all tactics.

Trump knew this would happen, and told us today in a tweet why he put forth such a proposal:  to reveal to the world the Democrats' bad faith intentions:


Trump is betting the Democrats are overplaying their hand as they did with the shutdown. He defied all the polls to win the election, and may well prove the Democrats wrong again come this November as well.

Consider the optics. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who takes anti-Alzheimer's pills by the handful just to put two coherent sentences together, calls Trump's offer an effort "to make America White again." It would be funny if it weren't so pathetic -- coming from a leading Democrat. Her comments and those of Durbin and Schumer have been magnified in the media echo chamber, accompanied by belligerent, insulting protests from illegal alien "DREAMers." One group even went so far as to occupy pro-amnesty GOP Senator Thom Tillis's office on Capitol Hill, screaming “F*ck this conservative! F*ck this person!”

But Trump is taking an enormous risk. He also has to consider what the House and Senate might do now that he has laid out his plan. Many want amnesty to please their big business donors. They could turn this proposal into legislation or come up with something even worse. The Democrats might decide to accept it. They could then go forward toward the midterms with an electrified base against a demoralized and dispirited GOP.

This cannot be overemphasized: a loss of either House will spell the end for the Trump agenda, Consider:

  • The Trump plan provides a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegal aliens under an expanded definition of DACA, -- more than double the 690,000 actual DACA recipients. This alone could flip entire states to Democrats.
  • The Trump plan sets no upward limit on amnesty  -- DHS leadership can raise the number any time. There are another 1.8 million "DREAMers," an obvious negotiating point, and opportunity for further amnesty agitation.
  • The $25 billion for "tactical infrastructure," including the Wall, could  easily be reprogrammed to other things, avoiding Wall construction and opening the door to pork-barrel spending by members of Congress.
  • The Trump plan does not end chain migration for the next 10-15 years. Diversity Visas will be directed to 4 million chain migrants already "in the pipeline."
  • The Trump proposal is silent on E-Verify. If strictly enforced, E-Verify would dry up many job opportunities for illegals. Many would self-deport.

Even if 1.8 million illegal aliens gain amnesty, the huge remaining 10-30 million illegal alien population is a festering sore. Democrats will lobby for their amnesty as long as they remain. And if Democrats succeed we are finished as a nation.

Continued unrestrained immigration policies spell political, cultural and societal suicide. They guarantee demographic changes that -- short of a miracle -- will eventually allow the Democrats to seize absolute power, successfully capping their decades-long effort to steal our nation. Welcome Venezuela!

This cannot continue. There is no need for any mass roundup and deportation. While the Left screams "civil rights" for "immigrants," illegal aliens are not immigrants by legal definition; they have no rights. Illegals can be threatened with welfare denial, job denial, asset seizure, prosecution and deportation. They will self-deport if faced with such threats. All we need to do is enforce current law.

This is an opportunity for Donald Trump, the Great Negotiator, who won on a promise to end illegal immigration in all its forms and finally get our borders secured, to say, "We tried, we really tried, but you can't negotiate with people who don't want a solution."

Trump could even expand the GOP base among minorities by doing so. Minority businesses that have survived decades of taxes and regulations in Democrat-ruled cities are being destroyed by illegal alien-owned businesses – which the Democrats welcome with open arms.

For example, Black views on immigration:

  • 68 percent believe immigration level is too high
  • 70 percent favor stronger enforcement against illegals
  • 81 percent believe there are plenty of domestic workers, immigrants not needed
  • 70 percent oppose legalization for illegal aliens

Perhaps Democrat intransigence will convince Mitch McConnell to man up and acknowledge that since Democrats are unwilling to do anything but obstruct, the filibuster rule needs to be reconsidered, in all or part. Limiting Democrat ability to filibuster would allow the GOP, which controls both houses of Congress and the presidency, to actually push its agenda, rather than be held hostage to Democrat stonewalling on every issue.

Then perhaps we could pass a real border security bill, which would not only deny amnesty and begin the process of removing illegals, but would put in place other needed measures such as:

  • Immediate end to chain migration. Forget the 4 million.
  • Mandated E-Verify for all employers.
  • Promote and provide funds to S&L governments for ICE’s 287(g) program.
  • Enforce laws governing welfare eligibility. Deny any and all welfare benefits to illegals.
  • Prosecute illegal aliens using stolen social security numbers to file taxes.
  • Prosecute any federal official who enables identity theft for illegal aliens for any reason.
  • Deny entry to nationals from countries that refuse to repatriate criminal aliens.
  • Complete biometric entry/exit system.

And on March 5, the U.S. government could begin deporting all those wonderful "DREAMers" and the parents who brought them here, because unlike what Tricky Dick says, we really don't want to "tear families apart."

Let's hope. But in the meantime, call the president and the House and Senate leadership, and tell them no amnesty

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