A Phrase to Retire in 2018: 'Mainstream Media'

As President Trump announced his 2017 "Fake News Awards," phrases and terms popularized over the years, such as "liberal media"; "mainstream media"; and, more recently, "fake news," were bandied about by those on both the left and the right (especially from that extra-froth frother from the mouth Jim Acosta of CNN). 

With a new political year underway, my sincere hope is that pundits and Americans retire these labels.

The mainstream media?  Most major legacy American media, particularly newspapers and cable television news networks, are Pravda-esque publicists and cover-uppers for the Democratic Party.  As evidenced by how red the 2016 election map was, Democrat policies and politics certainly are not mainstream.

The liberal media? The original American liberals were our heroic Founders; do MSNBC, The Washington Post, and Media Matters for America really conjure up the wisdom and genius of Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin?

A more fitting descriptor is the DMIC: Democrat Media Industrial Complex.  Identifying legacy media as the DMIC puts names and faces to the complex and brands the DMIC as working tirelessly at the behest of the Democratic Party.  It is a complex that runs deep and wide, with tentacles spread across every medium of communications and information flow, from tech Masters of the Universe to print to Hollywood, such as Comcast, The Walt Disney Company, and Viacom, which crafts "news" narratives the same way it crafts screenplays.  (This is the part where Democrats scream, "But Fox News!")

The DMIC, like the Democrats whom they serve oh, so sycophantically, care rarely for opposing viewpoints. It cares rarely to spend more than a mere few minutes, if any minutes at all, on negative Democrat news stories.  The DMIC, especially the tech Masters of the Universe, are shockingly nonchalant in the glee they take in suppressing speech that runs counter to the Democratic Party's talking points.

The DMIC's grip on their fervently devout audience and consumer base is so airtight that I suspect that Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi minister of propaganda, would gushingly marvel at just how effective the DMIC are in mass-controlling their sheeple followers.  As WikiLeaks confirmed for all the world to see in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election, the real colluders and co-conspirators were DMIC organization after organization.  Never forget Rule Number 1 of propaganda: accuse your opponent of what you yourself are guilty of.  (Saul Alinsky, the Lucifer-admiring author of Rules for Radicals, had his own version of this, called "the issue is never the issue."  No wonder President Obama and Hillary Clinton worshiped Alinsky.)

As I detail in my upcoming book, 10 Warning Signs Your Child is Becoming a Democrat, self-victimization is the new celebrity status.  Has President Trump been, at times, unfair to the DMIC?  Absolutely.  Have the DMIC been unfair to the president?  Duh.  Good parents teach their children that life ain't always fair, but the unfairness toward the president isn't what's alarming; it's that the DMIC, ever the victimized damsel in distress (or, in the case of The New York Times, the Gray Lady in distress), believe their own press that they're "objective" and "truth-seekers."  They embark on a daily crusade, with an evangelical zeal, to take down a legitimately elected president because they're unhappy with the outcome of the election, and because they know what's best for America.  Frightening, if you ask me.

The American's public distrust in once-trusted media companies is irreparable. The DMIC has always been a default, convenient excuse for Republicans after election losses, and too many Republicans still don't understand that the DMIC are not interested in the noble pursuit of The Truth.

How the DMIC covered the 2016 presidential election should be dissected and made compulsory coursework in journalism schools all across the U.S.  The problem with my suggestion is that esteemed schools of journalism are infested with deans and professors who are grooming the next generation of DMICers.

Had the DMIC done their duties based on the age-old agreed upon journalistic principles of "who, what, when, where, and why," and had they talked to a diversity of voters who cannot afford forty-dollar vegan lunches, they would have discovered that millions upon millions of President Trump voters supported his candidacy because it was the most effective modern-day remonstrance against the irreparably leftist Democratic Party and the establishment "Et Tu, Brute" Republicans.  This truth about the president's candidacy was obvious to me.  Perhaps it was also obvious to the DMIC, and they chose to lie by withholding this crucial detail.  The DMIC, clever as they were, knew they could not make even most Hillary Clinton voters like her; rather, they spent countless words and hours trying to make Americans hate and fear and loathe Trump, and they wrapped it up in a bow by predicting a Clinton landslide with over 90% certainty.

Rather than do their job ethically and fairly, however, by asking questions, the DMIC impugned those supporters' integrity.  They mocked our intelligence and our patriotism.  The DMIC never even made an effort to hide their disdain, likening us to white supremacists who bring our bazookas to the local Aryan Nation book club reading of Mein Kampf.

The reality manufactured by the unethical DMIC, with an unfathomable reliance on anonymous sources, hearsay, feelings, and emotion, is wholly devoid of logic.  The fact that the DMIC are in a perpetual state of self-righteous victimhood  further underscores just how detached they are from this strange place we non-Democrats inhabit called the "real world."

Is a free press important?  Actually, it's beyond important.  But the DMIC confuse constitutional importance with its own self-importance and has lost that war with independent-minded Americans.