The Republican Red State Is Dead

The most important lesson from Judge Roy Moore's U.S. Senate loss to Doug Jones in Alabama is that the reliable red state is dead. It died a slow, bloody death.  And its murderers were Republicans. In the days following Moore's loss, the predictable excuses from the right were resurrected: "Voter fraud!" "The media!" "Mitch McConnell!"  Jones is a NeverTrump ally Unlike a good bourbon, these rationalizations haven't aged well.  Perhaps they played some part, and yes, Moore was a terrible candidate.  At least Republicans didn't attribute Jones's victory to Vlad Putin or libelous dossiers chock-full of details akin more to pornography than to politics. However, you can make excuses, or you can win elections – you just can't do both.  Alabama was the reddest of red states, and a Democrat got elected.  Loath as I am to admit it, the win was big for the Democrats; even if...(Read Full Article)