The Left's Strategy: When All Else Fails, Return to Race Hatred

In the 1960s and '70s, under cover of peace and love propaganda, the radical left "marched through the institutions" (their slogan), especially American universities.  Beginning in the '60s and '70s, indoctrinated students radicalized American culture into the ancient hatreds of Marxism in the next half-century: class hatred,PEOgender hatred, hatred of serious religion, and of course race hatred.  Today, white heterosexual males are the scapegoats on campus. 

Race hatred and murder are the original mega-crime against humanity.  Here is a choice example. 

Two Hispanic "professors" at San Diego State University, Pascale Joassart-Marcelli and Fernando J Bosco, paid by California taxpayers, have a new book from Routledge.  In it they write that "farmers' markets in urban areas are weed-like 'white spaces' responsible for oppression" – because, they claim, "there is a correlation between the 'whiteness of farmers' markets'" and gentrification.  "Farmers' markets are often white spaces where the food consumption habits of white people are normalized," the SDSU professors write, according to the education watchdog Campus Reform.

So what do you do with "a weed like the white race"?  You wipe it out, of course.  This racist ideology finds a cousin in a Nazi-era movement in Mexico started by one José Vasconcelas called "The Cosmic Race," published in the critical year of 1925, when race-hating was rising all over the world.  Japan was destroying Chinese people in Nanking for their race; the Germans were destroying the Jews and then the other "inferior" races, including the Russians; and in the U.S., to our shame, the KKK was still hating on blacks. 

Here is a sample of what our ignorant and indoctrinated college students are subjected to today.  The ideology these crooks follow is called the La Raza movement, an actual Hitlerite hate-whitey movement supported by the radical left, identical in its motivation to neo-Nazis.

The left is the most reactionary political force on Earth, as leftists would understand if they ever read their own history.  Hitler combined Marxist class hatred with race hatred and a willingness to kill completely innocent children, women, and defenseless men in massive crimes against humanity.  When Hitler was brought down, the Nuremberg Trials punished only a tiny fraction of the murderers, but it was widely greeted as a never again declaration by decent people. 

The Allies who beat the Axis Powers constructed a world of tolerance and peace, with the exception of Soviet-Chinese imperialism, which fell apart 25 years ago.  But to its credit, the Soviet Union was also anti-racist, like the democratic Allies.  Hitler and Imperial Japan represented the most wicked, merciless, and demonic themes in human history.  With the rise of Dr. Martin Luther King in the U.S., anti-racism became a part of ordinary decent human values.

That was the case until today, with the campus left having rediscovered race hatred, especially against whites.  But in the last five centuries, it was whites who developed all the humane benefits of science and technology – not because they were smarter than Asians, for example, but because the Mandarin class in countries like China were afraid that new inventions would undermine their power.  In fact, Chinese history is rife with advanced technologies, from gunpowder to an extraordinary range of arts, including a distinctive, beautiful aesthetic. 

So, in a kind of circular devolution, where the left looks for more and more scapegoats to keep its idiot legions hating somebody, the radical left has come back to the most ancient hatred, mixed with stupidity and ignorance, to keep the running mob going.  You could see it start to happen with the highly staged "Antifa" demonstrations recently; with the murder in effigy of a Donald Trump mask-wearing actor playing Julius Caesar in New York's Shakespeare in the Park performance, sponsored, of course, by the New York Times; and with "comedian" Kathy Griffin's career suicide by displaying an ISIS-type severed head of the president of the United States. 

This is all well known in psychiatry.  It's called mob pathology.  It's absolutely routine and constantly replayed throughout history in malignant cults that live by hate.  The left has just traced a complete circle back to Marx in 1848, which was identical to the French mass killers of the "Revolution" and onward to Lenin, Stalin, and Hitler.  The psychology and pathology of these cults are always the same. 

Because mobs always need a scapegoat, and because mobs are fickle, they always end up with race hatred or gender hatred.  White males are the current hate objects of the cult of the left.

Words are important in the propaganda war against moral primitivism, so "left Nazi" might be one useful word.  Hitler famously said you couldn't recruit social democrats to become true Nazi-killers, but Communists made excellent cannon fodder because the basic psychology is the same. 

This story has no ending, because civilization must be defended and protected in every generation.  But it must have a new chapter.  In the 1960s, the FBI essentially destroyed the KKK by infiltration.  Since the FBI has apparently lost its way, maybe here is a new law enforcement target that would actually serve American democracy.  Maybe we should start by enforcing free and untrammeled speech on the campuses, as guaranteed by the United States Constitution and now lost on every campus in the land. 

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