Stranger Things and the Deep State

Stranger Things” is a popular Netflix television series set in the 1980s, starring a bunch of enchanting preteens contending with an alternate dimension called the “Upside Down.” This alternate world is dark and scary, filled with supernatural monsters and a pervading sense of evil.

The Upside Down is much like “The Deep State” or “The Swamp”, the real-life world of political, economic and social power, corruption and evil. “Stranger Things” is a classic battle of good versus evil. A similar battle is playing out on an international stage, obscured by the media and power elite, who prefer this conflict remain hidden. And buried.

One has to peel back the onion a bit to get a glimpse of the Washington DC Upside Down. Just as in the TV series, there are portals where one can view the Upside Down.

Not via mainstream news. Some radio talk shows dance close to the Upside Down, perhaps unknowingly, but don’t provide the entry portal. Fortunately, some websites do.

One in particular is Conservative Treehouse, where Sundance offers a detailed and thoughtful analysis of the Upside Down. American Thinker editor Thomas Lifson described a view of this world in a recent blog posting. Timelines are laid out, from FISA warrants to unmasking to weaponized government agencies attempting to negate a lawful election.

The Upside Down may not be the world that CNN and MSNBC sees and reports on. They only see a president suffering dementia, doing nothing but chugging Diet Coke and watching television. His attorney general is asleep on the front porch hammock, while Special Counsel “Beyond Reproach” Robert Mueller is preparing to throw the entire Trump family and administration into Supermax.

Instead, as Sundance provides a glimpse into the Upside Down, more may be going on. “Seeding false information into the blood stream of a closed unit within the organization then waiting to see if/where/when it turns up is a specific way to identify leakers and black hats.”

Watching ongoing fake news stories, based on leaks, this makes sense. With CNN and ABC playing the useful idiots. Brian Ross’s false announcement a week ago after the Flynn plea deal. Last week the Deutsche Bank subpoena false story. And the fake CNN exclusive of Donald Trump Jr and Wikileaks. All perhaps to flush out the leakers.

Did the media simply make up these stories? Perhaps, but more likely they were leaked from well-placed Democrats, and perhaps some Republicans. There is speculation that Rep. Adam Schiff, House Intelligence Committee Minority Chairman, may be the source of some of CNN’s discredited stories.

Is this simply sloppy reporting? Or wishful thinking by the media? What if instead this is a counterintelligence sting operation, with the good guys in the intel community passing bogus information to Chairmen Devin Nunes and Schiff, knowing that Nunes isn’t leaking, leaving Schiff as the only possible source for the leaks? In this case an incorrect and easily refutable date on an email to Donald Trump Jr. from WikiLeaks.

Shedding light on the Upside Down is the only way to learn the scope of corrupt resistance to Trump and flush it out. Leakers and other corruptocrats slowly being exposed.

Trump has likely been aware from early on of the Obama administration weaponizing both law enforcement and intelligence agencies for political purposes, to destroy him and to elect his opponent. Suppose one of the few white hats in the Obama administration, at their own personal and professional risk, gave Trump a heads up?

Barely a week after the election, on November 17, NSA Director Mike Rogers travelled to New York City to meet with president-elect Trump. The very next day a story in the Washington Post reacted to the meeting, “Pentagon and intelligence community chiefs have urged Obama to remove the head of the NSA.”

Cockroaches scurrying when someone turns on the light?

The following weekend, the Trump transition team moves from Trump Tower to Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Coincidence? Or a smart move to protect his transition?

Remember Trump’s later tweet about Trump Tower being “wiretapped”? Did Rogers meet with Trump simply as a welcoming gesture to the president-elect or to provide a warning about what lay ahead?

This may have been Trump’s first real glimpse into the Upside Down, the evil lurking below the surface threatening his presidency before it even began. And the beginning of a grand strategy to counteract and close off the Upside Down, just as in the TV show.

Some call it 4-dimensional chess. Or just the product of Trump’s rough and tumble decades in the New York real estate world. Trump surrounding himself with those he needed to accomplish the herculean task ahead. Suppose Jeff Sessions, contrary to popular opinion, is not asleep, but rather using his power as attorney general and the legal system to begin cleaning house?

As of last month, 1183 sealed indictments. From Mueller? Doubtful. He has come up empty thus far on his original mandate to investigate, “Any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individual associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump.”

More likely from the DOJ. Sessions quietly busy despite the image of him as a befuddled Mister Rogers. Is it the coming “Big Ugly,” as Sundance describes?

What if Sessions is the lynchpin in Trump’s plans? Letting Lady Justice do her job, keeping the President out of the process due to the optics. Are Trump’s tweets, strategic and purposeful, designed to keep his opposition off balance? Sending the media and the left into yet another frenzied outrage, distracting from his behind the scenes housecleaning?

Are leaks of “fake news” working in similar fashion, not only flushing out leakers, but also ruining the rapidly diminishing credibility of the media? Story after story, from CNN to ABC. It’s getting to the point that any news about Trump will be viewed with suspicion.

I won’t go as far as some, postulating that Mueller is actually working with Trump, but it’s not beyond the realm of possibility. More likely, Mueller’s investigation is going nowhere, with the DOJ and Rep. Nunes slowly rooting out and exposing the bad players such as Bruce Ohr, and now his wife, who worked for Fusion GPS, bypassing potential surveillance using a ham radio. Stories that are chipping away the façade of integrity surrounding Mueller and his investigation.

Numerous members of Congress are not seeking reelection. Trump fatigue, as the fake news media suggests? Or more like animals fleeing the coastline well ahead of an incoming tsunami? Grabbing their pensions and retreating to the safety of K Street before the storm arrives.

I don’t have definitive answers. Many thoughtful readers of American Thinker are catching glimpses of the Upside Down through various sources and are wondering what’s really going on, as am I. Time will tell if this is simply fantasy, like “Stranger Things.” Or if this is the calm before the storm.

If Mueller finds high crimes and misdemeanors and Trump is impeached, the joke will be on me. And Sundance, and others believing they are catching glimpses of the Upside Down. Watching Trump over the past few years, however, tells me there will be a different outcome. Trump is confident and upbeat. Watch his recent rally in Pensacola. Not the demeanor of someone whose world is crashing down.

Read and think. Don’t be content with what you hear on TV or the radio. The Upside Down may very well be real. 2018 will be an interesting year.

Brian C Joondeph, MD, MPS, a Denver based physician and writer. Follow him on Facebook,  LinkedIn and Twitter

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