Sexual Misconduct, the Loss of Virtue, and the Rise of Careers

The worst, and therefore most likely, outcome of the current rash of sexual misconduct accusations is that people will continue to think they are primarily about bodies, about who touched whose body, about who exposed his body when he shouldn't have.  That most of us currently already assume that such incidents are mostly about bodies itself indicates our lack of vision. Such interactions are really about souls – about the collective soul of our nation, and the sickness infecting it. The disease afflicting our souls is liberalism, by which I mean not so much the policy positions of the Democrats, but all those cultural movements that have, in the modern era, conspired to liberate men and women from the strictures and formative influences of family, religion, tradition, and community.  Once we had thrown off these burdensome yokes, advocates of such changes promised, our lives would be free and unencumbered.  Instead, we now see that this revolution has...(Read Full Article)