Middle East Optimists, Be Wary

Arabs who live in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza (who are not to be called “Palestinians” — a misnomer when applied to them) remain unappreciative of giveaways and potential giveaways — beneficial to Arabs and self-destructive to Jews — offered by the State of Israel. Oslo I Accord (1993). Oslo II Accord (1995). Clinton Parameters (2000). Olmert Plan (2008).

Arab lack of appreciation proves that Mr. Kushner won’t get anywhere, any more than other intermediaries (e.g., former Sen. Mitchell, former PM Blair) did.

Here is more proof that Mr. Kushner is on a fool’s errand. On November 2, 2017, the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration was celebrated. Arabs mourned. That simple declaration of support for “a national home for the Jewish people,” which does not delineate borders and which is silent about Jerusalem, is intolerable to the Arabs.

Non-negotiable Arab position

The monomaniacal aim of Arabs is a “Palestine” which extends “from the river to the sea.” The expression erases the State of Israel from the map. Implementation of the expression would erase the Jews in the Land of Israel from the world population.

No peace deal is possible when, as Dennis Prager put it, “One side [the Arabs] wants the other side [the Jews] dead.”


Negotiations between Jews and Arabs will fail, because Arabs are Muslims. They are enlisted men, non-commissioned officers, and officers of the anti-West jihad of Islam. The jihad is fourteen centuries old. The jihad is world-wide.

Antipathy to Jews and detestation of Judaism are strands of the jihad.

The most-recent phases of the never-ending jihad are the Islamic Insurgency (1979–2001) and the Islamic War Against the West (2001–present).

The Islamic Insurgency began in 1979, when Iranian Muslims stormed the United States embassy in Teheran. In 2001, the terrorist attacks by Saudi Arabian Muslims against the United States upgraded the Islamic Insurgency to the Islamic War Against the West.

In this seventeenth year of the war, the West is being thrashed, due to continued importations of Muslims into Western countries, the United States among them. Due to official pap about “lone wolves” and “unknown motives.” Due to purblind refusal to monitor mosques and imams. Due to artificial distinctions between “mainstream Islam” and “militant Islam.” Islam is Islam.

Lost territory to date, among countries of Western Europe, includes the United Kingdom, France, sand Germany. Still-Christian countries in Eastern Europe, such as Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic, are under Soros-financed assaults.

The wider context of potential Jews-Arabs negotiations is the perception of Muslims that, in the twenty-first century, victory in the jihad is achievable. The West is weak, and uncaring about its survival. When victory comes, the State of Israel will fall, for lack of the American guarantee of its survival. Arabs have no incentive to sign a treaty with Jews, which gives them part of what they want, when patient awaiting of victory will give them everything which they want.

Real estate

The premise of the Kushner-Greenblatt-Powell-Friedman diplomatic efforts is that the Land of Israel is just another piece of real estate. That the Land of Israel can be broken by the big powers into two pieces, in the manner of the breaking, by the big powers, of the Republic of Serbia into the rump republic and “independent” Kosovo.

The Land of Israel is not just another piece of real estate. It is the God-given, irrevocable inheritance of Jews. They are in the Land of Israel of right. The territorial extent of the Land of Israel is as delineated in the Bible. The inheritance and its territorial extent are not negotiable.

If God and the Bible are not the foundation of the Jewish presence in the Land of Israel, then Jews hold the Land of Israel by conquest. Arabs may conquer the Land of Israel, as soon as their military might is sufficient to that task.

Subjects of negotiations

Were Jews and Arabs to sit at the same table, they will be at loggerheads, due to zero-sum territorial circumstances. Either the Jews or the Arabs get Jerusalem, or get Judea and Samaria, or get Gaza, or get the Golan Heights, or get the Sheba’a Farms.

The predicate of a successful negotiation is that each side has minor points to give up, to gain major points. However, neither Jews nor Arabs consider Jerusalem, or Judea and Samaria, or Gaza, or the Golan Heights, or the Sheba’a Farms, to be minor points.

United States and Canada

Boundary disputes between the United States and the United Kingdom, concerning the boundary between the United States and Canada, were resolved by negotiations and treaties. The International Boundary Commission maintains the boundary.

War-free establishment of the boundary, and its friction-free maintenance, rest on the bedrock of the same language and similar cultures of the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. It is otherwise in the Middle East. The languages and cultures of Jews and Arabs are antagonistic. Successful negotiation of a boundary between Jews and Arabs is impossible.

President Trump

On behalf of the United States, President Trump announced recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. That benefit to the State of Israel came with two catches. In the announcement:

1. President Trump referenced the United States policy of Middle East peace through a two-state “solution.” The proviso was that both sides have to want that “solution.” The essence of that “solution” is additional territorial losses by the State of Israel.

2. President Trump required that there be no change of the status quo at the Temple Mount. Meaning, the Waqf is in charge of the Temple Mount. Jews may worship only at the Western Wall. They are excluded from the Temple Mount. Muslims may pray at Al-Aqsa Mosque. They have unlimited access to the Temple Mount.

The requirement makes Muslim sovereignty over the Temple Mount permanent. Israeli police will continue their shameless role of dhimmi enforcers of the anti-Jews and anti-Judaism exclusion promulgated by the Waqf.

Saudi Arabia

There is talk about joint efforts of the State of Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to counter Iran.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is a principle which rationalizes the sharing of counter-terrorism intelligence.

Sharing would not erase multiple verses in the Koran which demonize Jews and Judaism. Would not eliminate hostility to Jews and Judaism, taught in Arab elementary-school and secondary-school class rooms. Would not silence advocacy by imams of wholesale slaughtering of Christians and Jews, and placing survivors under the cultural boot and the economic boot of Islam.


Dr. Martin Sherman, executive director of the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies, hit the nail on the head. He formulated the humanitarian paradigm (his term). Pay the Arabs to move out of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza. Subsidize new housing, somewhere in the 5,000,000 square miles of Arab territory, for them. They would be freed thereby from the squalid conditions in which they live, and from oppression by the “Palestinian Authority” and Hamas. The Jews would get all of the 12,000 square miles of the Land of Israel.

Happy ending.

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