Keep Your Family Close: A New Year's Tale on What Might Have Been

Every year at this time, traders at the New York Stock Exchange rededicate themselves to carrying on the 100-plus-year tradition of singing "Wait Till the Sun Shines Nellie."  Sung on both Christmas and New Year's Eve, it's a yearly reminder of another story that originated over 100 years ago. The story I have to tell begins with a little wagon – handcrafted in 1913 as a gift by John Henry for his young son Lynn, though his son would never see it.  For years it was stowed away, almost hidden, in John Henry's barn.  When John Henry was much older, he pulled the wagon out from under the hay in the barn loft and told the story of the wagon to the first and only person to hear it. He told a story of meeting and marrying a beautiful young wife, Nellie, and how she gave birth to their son, Lynn, and then to their daughter, Nellie May, three years later.  Nellie May was a strong, healthy baby.  Her mother, Nellie, as was sadly common...(Read Full Article)