It's Time for Congress to Pass the 'John McCain Rule'

A year after the election and the Democrats, the media, establishment Republicans are still apoplectic over the inauguration of President Donald Trump.  It’s obvious they hate him.  When did the media stop looking at Donald Trump as an entertainment figure and begin to loathe him?  True, bat-guano, off-the-charts loathing.  The answer, of course, is when Donald Trump challenged President Obama to produce a birth certificate. Even today, few things get a liberal Democrat or the media more riled up than questioning President Obama’s qualifications to be president.  It’s almost (but not quite) the same level of hate and disgust as they reserve for climate deniers whom they want to strip their citizenship, stuff in a boxcar, and shuffle them to a gulag.  Conservatives and Republicans have learned to just “not go there.”  No good could ever come from even a rational discussion. Isn’t the liberal hysteria a case...(Read Full Article)